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Do you say make the bed or do the bed?

"Set the bed." To "Make" the bed implies I am a carpenter, mattress worker, or someone who assembles the metal framing that holds the mattress in it's place. . When you "set" (MORE)
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At what age do cats quit growing?

Usually by eight to ten months cats have their full growth, however, they can still put on more weight.
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How do you get the cat out from the bed?

There are numerous ways to get a cat out from under the bed. If the cat likes food, try shaking his/her food bowl to get their attention. Another way is his/her favorite toy. (MORE)
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Your cat bite cat bed?

That means that you cat smells something on the cat bed that he/she doesn't like. Probably someone before you at the store touched it or maybe it was a harmless bug crawled ac (MORE)
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What is a cats bed?

hey guys i just wanted 2 no how 2 build a cat bed in minecraft 4mac plz anser meor if u dont just like tobuskos if u dont klik dalike button I WILL PEE ON U : >
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How can you make your cats bed comfy?

Give them something with familiar smells to line the bed. Also make it very plush and rounded so they can curl up. They like soft and fuzzy beds that make them feel like they (MORE)
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How can you make things right with this girl. Took her on a date which was good but then she stopped talking cos she's annoyed I didnt make a move how can you make it right What to say 17 btw?

Beg her show her how you really like her and ask her if she can give you 1 last try and if she dont do as much as you can to get her to talk to you and then tell her how you f (MORE)
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How does the heated cat bed benefit a cat?

A heated cat bed would be good for a cat in the winter, especially if it is kept in a room that isn't as heated as the rest of the house. Cats are like people, and like to be (MORE)
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Does a cat need a heated cat bed?

An indoor cat usually does not require a heated bed and often will find places in the house that are comfortable such as laying in a spot on the floor in the sun. An older cat (MORE)
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How do you make a cat bed on minecraft?

there is no cat bed. unless you have mo creatures. However i found this on the wiki: "Cats have a purposely annoying behavior (lessened as of 1.2.5pre); they attempt to s (MORE)
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The greatest inventions that didnt make it?

well it is sold today in the streets so in a way it did make it MDMA learn more chemestry and study the procces and if possibly..... try and make it on your own and you will (MORE)
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How do you get a kitten to sleep in a cat bed and not on your bed?

Lure it with food or lock it out of your room. It will get used to sleeping in its bed and not in yours, if you lock it in its room where the cat bed is. You can either try (MORE)
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Did Sam quite Sam and cat?

no sam did not quite sam nd cat just sam nd cat are in a twiterbattle