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How do you decorate your wedding site?

First I would recommend looking trough wedding magazines to get some ideas, but be realistic... don't model your wedding after a $90,000.00 wedding if you only have $10,000.00 (MORE)
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How can you have a cheap but fun wedding?

you can definetly have a cheap wedding. No problem. But makin it a great wedding, depends on various things. * do you have family members who can cook well ( & have time to?) (MORE)
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Where to get cheap wedding rings?

How cheap you want ? I think wedding ring is meaningful to us ,and they will the sign of marriage ,so i don't suggest you buy cheap wedding rings, all things can be cheap but (MORE)
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Fall wedding ideas for decoration?

Fall weddings are very romantic and there are a range of decoration ideas you can use for your wedding. Typical fall wedding decorations are apples, pumpkins, foliage, seasona (MORE)
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Cost of decorations for a wedding?

The average cost of wedding decorations is about $600, many times this is included within wedding venue and reception packages, so this may be zero in many cases. You can use (MORE)
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How do i decorate a wedding venue?

Just go with your personality, and fave colour of the bride and the groom and maybe pick a theme to make it a littleeasier for you or them, i haven't been to very many wedding (MORE)
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Who decorates the car after the wedding?

The car is generally decorates by the groom and his friends that are in the wedding party and it is done 'before' the wedding.
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What are some decorations seen at weddings?

Decorations seen at weddings: Note: The modern weddings are more apt to go simple with the decorations (sometimes less is best.) This way the decorations applied stand out (MORE)
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What is DIY Wedding Flower?

Your loved ones have worked hard with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Guests are traveling from all around to watch you and your favorite guy vow to love each other (MORE)
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What are some DIY ideas for a poker themed Vegas wedding?

There are, literally, hundreds of ways to go with a Las Vegas theme, Poker being only one of them. Poker by itself can be somewhat limiting so a casino theme might be easier. (MORE)
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How can you make cheap Halloween decorations?

Here are some ideas: . If you have anytype of dolls, cover them in toilet paper to make them look likemummies . Go to like apumkin place and buy a pumkin, carve it so it (MORE)
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Is wedding decorating a trade?

Definitely, these businesses are called event design companies and they provide florals, rental items, lighting design and etc. for all kinds of events and parties.
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Where can you find inexpensive wedding decorations?

In order to find inexpensive wedding decorations, you may want to ask your friends and family members if they know anyone that has any left over from their weddings or other c (MORE)
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Where can you find cheap wedding decorations?

Believe it or not, you can find cheap wedding decorations at stores such as Target, Walmart, and even the dollar store. If you are not decorating your own cake, ask if the cak (MORE)
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How do you DIY Wedding Theme?

A wedding theme should remain personal and reflect the individual style and taste of the bride and groom. A wedding theme can be designed based on a decorative element or w (MORE)
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How can wedding dresses with color be used to accent wedding decor?

In every wedding, usually, we plan to use white wedding because itis the traditional color... But when we use wedding dresses withcolors, they can still accent with the weddin (MORE)
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Where can you rent cheap wedding bands?

Wholesales are very affordable to purchase or rent cheap wedding bands for a wedding. Walmart has them as well. They have a site called Sarraf that has beautiful wedding bands (MORE)
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Where can a cheap wedding dress be purchased?

You can purchase wedding dresses online through American based company Simply Bridal. Simply Bridal are renowned for their discounted variety of wedding dresses; yet at the sa (MORE)
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Which of the DIY chains sell cheap curtain rods?

You can get cheap curtain rods for use in your home from chains such as B&Q, Homebase, Amazon and Ebay. You should look closely if you are buying on eBay because sometimes the (MORE)
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Can you DIY cheap mailing labels?

You can get cheap DIY mailing labels on various websites like Amazon and eBay. Both websites offer a great variety of products all around the world, including DIY mailing labe (MORE)
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How can you find a cheap wedding photographer?

There are many that advertise locally in the press and in businessdirectories. Word of mouth is an excellent way to do this as wellas people who have had a good deal and are p (MORE)
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How do you DIY wedding invitations?

If you feel you are very crafty and creative, or you feel, youwould like to save some money on your invitations, do it yourselfis the answer. Pick how you want your invitation (MORE)