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What are everyday things that expose us to radiation?

Answer Everyday things that expose us to radiation are: 1. The microwave 2. Anything electrical a. Above graound power lines b. Computers c. Televisions d. Radio (MORE)
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What are some everyday things that use energy?

any thing electric or electronic such as TV, radio, computers. Any transportation system such as cars, airplanes, etc. any heating or cooling system. Our bodies and bodies of (MORE)
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Name 5 uses of magnets in everyday things?

1) compass --> to tell the direction for travel and architectural purposes. 2) motor/generator --> to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy and vice versa 3) scra (MORE)
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What is a wrong way to use copyright?

If you control the copyright of a work, you would be handling it poorly if you failed to respond to requests for permission to use, automatically denied all requests for permi (MORE)
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Ways that you use science in your everyday life?

I suppose it would depend on the definition of the use of science. Almost every material I come into contact with from my clothes to my house was in one way or another crea (MORE)
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What are ways you use science everyday?

You use science all the time in life! Say, if your playing in the mud. Mud is a substance. It changes the formation when you play with it. Rocks: when you throw them, they bre (MORE)
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What everyday things do you use electromagnets in?

Electromagnets are components of most electrical ,digital and electronically operated devices in household , industries,defence,space research,IT,medical including instrumenta (MORE)
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How has origami been used in everyday life?

Some origami models can be used in real life like the nail clipper that actually works or contraptions for finger exercises some models can be useful.
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What things that you use everyday are measured in SI Units?

Just about all the units commonly used in most countries are SI - lengths are measured in meters (or centimeters, or millimeters), volumes in cubic meters (or liters = cubic d (MORE)
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What are 3 ways you use energy everyday?

Three everyday uses of energy are: . Asking questions on using the internet; . Potential energy when sitting down; . Mechanical/Kinetic energy when standing u (MORE)