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Why are your mollies killing everything?

Answer . \nMollies are a group/schooling fish that can become restless if overcrowded by other species, or it's own, and attack, thus controlling the population of the tan (MORE)

Do cats eat everything they kill?

Domesticated cats that live with people and are fed by people don't kill out of hunger. They kill out of ancient instinct to chase and kill many other kinds of animals. So (MORE)

Do wolves kill everything they catch?

That would be a no. For example, what if a pack of wolves or a lone wolf killed a human, which is very rare. He/she would only have attacked if it had thought you were a threa (MORE)
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Can everything in the world kill you?

Most things in the world are capable of causing death. As evidenced by the popular show, 1000 Ways to Die, people die in ways that nobody would expect involving objects and cr (MORE)
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Does a black wolf kill everything?

Not at all. Black wolves only kill certain animals that live in their territory. One black wolf cannot take down an adult moose or a cougar, but a pack of black wolves might.

Why is everything expensive in Australia?

Everything is not expensive in Australia. Currently (November 2010) the Australian dollar is trading very strongly, and this means that overseas visitors to Australia find the (MORE)

Is there such thing as a 20 cent coin from Australia?

Yes. The Australian 20 cent coin was first issued on the 14th of February, 1966 at the introduction of decimal currency. It replaced the Florin (or Two Shilling) coin. The Au (MORE)
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Can kings kill everything in chess?

The King in chess is actually one of the weakest pieces. Since it can only move one square at a time, it has a hard time getting out of the way of other attacks. The only piec (MORE)

Was Australia a good thing for Australia?

Some may say 'no'. The movie Australia showed the country to the world as a Hollywood love/action story. It is absolutely not the case. The movie showed what Americans wanted (MORE)
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What 2 things is everything made of?

Well, one of the definite things that its made of it life and the other thing is the main thing that it says whether material or spices or anything like that! Hope thi (MORE)

Will robots kill everything?

Although I cannot predict the future with absolute certainty, it seems very unlikely that robots will kill everything.