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What are 02 sensors?

O2 sensors are located on the exhaust system in todays vehicles, they monitor the oxygen levels in the engines exhaust gases. They send that information to the vehicles comput (MORE)

What is a 02 sensor?

oxygen sensor ( in the exhaust , the sensors closest to the engine are used to " sense " the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to send a signal to the PCM so the air / fuel mixt (MORE)
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What is 1.1E-04?

Scientific notation is using a short handed way to make really large or really small numbers easier to write/display. The E here is actually "x 10 raised to the exponent of" (MORE)

What is 02?

O2 stands for molecular oxygen which is present in nature and is used by humans for respiration and is the by product of photosynthesis process.  

How to remove STEREO in 04 altima?

  I removed mine by first removing the bezel around the Air Conditioning controls. First thing I did was open the door to the storage compartment below the Air controls. T (MORE)