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What can you hunt with a 30-06?

Black bear, wild hog, moose, elk, deer to African water buffalo.. There is not much you can't kill with a 30-06. The round has been used for over a hundred years in America, I (MORE)
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How far can a 30 06 shoot?

A 30-06 can theoretically send a bullet 3 miles, but that is not realistic. They can cause harm to a person or animal at about 600 yards or more. The bullet can travel up to a (MORE)

Can you create a team on FIFA 06?

No, FIFA 06 has made it impossible to create your own team. however, you may create your own player or you can simply just transfer the players you want to an existing team us (MORE)
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What are multiples of 29?

The first 20 multiples of 29: 29, 58, 87, 116, 145, 174, 203, 232, 261, 290, 319, 348, 377, 406, 435, 464, 493, 522, 551, 580 . . . ∞
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Getting a Home Loan with Poor Credit

Getting a home loan is going to be difficult if you have a poor credit rating. It isn't impossible, but it will be a journey. Predatory lenders are out there with loans that s (MORE)

Where is o2 sensor on 06 silverado?

The 02 sensors are screewed into the exhaust system. Start up by the engine exhaust manifolds and work your way back to the muffler and you will see them. There will not be an (MORE)
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What can 29 be divided by?

29 is a prime number and cannot be divided by any whole number that is less than it, except for 1. 14.5 is the closest I could find to a whole number, with the answer being 2. (MORE)

What was Final Jeopardy for June 29 2010?

Category is physics and the clue wanted to know the names of 2 particles discovered in the 20th century one with a positive charge whose names differed by one letter answer i (MORE)

What was Final Jeopardy for April 29 2010?

The category was Poets on Poets The clue was "Coleridge said this poet will "not be remembered at all, except as a wicked lord who... pretended to be ten times more wicked t (MORE)

Can you kill a deer with a 25- 06?

Originally I obtained a 25 - 06 for antelope, however we moved east of their range. I have used one for years on white tail. I have taken deer as close as 50 yards and up to 4 (MORE)