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What is the difference between 2 way and 4 way speakers?

Answer . \nWithin a speaker different drivers handle different frequency ranges. A two way speaker has different drivers handling two frequency ranges; in this case a woof (MORE)
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What are the 4 different ways of separating mixtures?

5 ways to separate mixtures are distillation, filtration, condensation/distillation, Evaporation, chromatography, centrifuging and magnetism. . Chromatography - To separat (MORE)
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What are some different ways to learn about History?

Travel is a great way to learn history - it's always more interesting to learn about facts in the place where they occurred! If you don't have the money to travel to other cou (MORE)
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I am applying to Grinnell College and one of their essay topics is How did you first learn about Grinnell Can anyone think of a really creative way to approach this topic?

I'd suggest telling the truth, unless it's very insulting to Grinnell, and then spicing up the background, including your reactions. (Obviously don't say, 'Until a teacher m (MORE)
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What is the best way to learn a different language?

the best way is probally to go to that country it really helps. ______ A personal tutor that knows both the language and the direct meaning. You don't want to be stuck kn (MORE)
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How is it that individuals with the same disability can differ in the way they learn?

individuals with the same disability can differ in the way they learn because every individual is unique based in his or her life style, home environment, and most importantly (MORE)
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Can creativity be learned?

no. creatibity,born with one,like you are tall or not. black or white,curious,etc
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What are 4 different ways an island forms?

I know three. 1. erosion do to water cutting away land. 2. change in water level causing high areas of land to crown. 3. volcanic activity forming new land masses.
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What is the relationship between learning and creativity?

We learn to acquiring skill or knowledge so that we might become creative. Some have the natural gift of creativity while others have to work at it. Most have the ability to b (MORE)
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What are the different ways one could learn spanish?

There are several options for individuals wanting to learn Spanish. Rosetta Stone is widely praised for its immersion-style language learning. It is a program that one can p (MORE)