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Why do you have leap years?

The length of a year, as most people know it, is 365 days. This is actually not exact, as the length of the year is 365.25 days, as denoted by the time it takes our planet to (MORE)
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What are some Leap day traditions?

Leap Year has been the traditional time that women can propose marriage. In many of today's cultures, it is okay for a woman to propose marriage to a man.. It is believed thi (MORE)
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Why do we have leap year?

we have leap year because that extra day was really supposed to be dedicated to just women. But nooo... men wanted to make up some smart answer as to why that extra day is the (MORE)
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How there is a leap year?

there is a leap year because of the earth's position towards the sun. every four years the leap year happens because the earth needs an extra 1/4 day to turn back to its start (MORE)
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Why do we have a leap year?

The actual solar year, the time it takes to go around the sun one time is just a little longer than 365 days. Leap year makes up for that. Since it takes 365 and 1/4 days fo (MORE)
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Why you have leap year?

We have a leap year because it takes 365.25 days for the Earth to make one orbit of the sun. As we do not count quarter days in the calender, every 4 years we get 1 day so we (MORE)
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How do you get a leap year?

The reason why we have leap years is because if someone asked you how many days are in a year you would proably answere "365" but that is incorrect the correct answere is 365 (MORE)
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Why do they have a leap year?

Because it takes longer than 365 days to get back to the same place in the Earth's orbital path around the Sun If we did not add an extra day every four years, in another c (MORE)
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Why do you have to have a leap year?

A: The actual amount of days in a year isn't exactly 365. It is closer to 365.25 days, which means that a quarter of a day is left over. Those left over quarters add up to b (MORE)
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Why and is there leap year?

Each year is only 364.25 days long, so we have 3 years with 364 days, and one year (the leap year) with 365 days. It evens out the days.
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Why have a leap year?

Because there are really 365.25 days each year, and since we forget about the extra .25, we add on a day every 4 years. Not only that, the Earth is slowly decelerating causin (MORE)
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Are avatars a tradition or just a myth?

An avatar is a god in human form. This is not a tradition. Whether you believe in the existence of a god or gods, and whether you believe that gods can take human form determi (MORE)
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Why do have leap years?

The Earth takes roughly 365 1 / 4 days to revolve around the sun. The calendar can't have a piece of a day in it, only whole days. So how many days should the calendar ha (MORE)
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Why does there have to be a leap year?

The earth's takes about 1/4 a day more than 365 days to orbit the sun. So every four years we have to make up for the time we didn't have on our calendars so we add a day.
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How many days are there in 20 years of which 5 of them are leap years?

15 years at 365 days per year = 5475 days 5 years at 366 days per year = 1830 days 5475 + 1830 = 7305 days When they skip a leap year inbetween those 20 years, you ge (MORE)
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When is the next leap year that there will be 5 Wednesdays?

2016 is the next leap year. In 2016 there will be 52 Wednesdays. There will be 5 Wednesdays in the months of March, June, August and November. If you mean when will the next F (MORE)
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Why do you have leap days and leap year?

we have leap years because every year there is 6 extra hours so we times it by 4 which equals 24 hours so we have a leap year every 4 years .
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What is a myth or traditional story called?

a story when the bad guy gets defeated and when the the goody lives happily ever and it has loads of different ways to tell it because no one knows how it first began!
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What is the answer for why you have leap year?

The time it takes Earth to orbit the sun is about 365.2422 days. Since calendars consist of only whole days, but 365.2422 is not a whole number, some years need to be shorter (MORE)
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What a leap year is and why you have them?

A leap year is when every four years at the end of Febuary we add an extra day to our calandar we do this because the earth takes 365 and one fourth of a day to revolution aro (MORE)