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What are some good hand care tips?

NAILING IT . . . . . . Hand Model Reveals Tips for Strong, Beautiful Nails . . It's not often that a manicure leads to a modeling career, but that's exactly what happened (MORE)
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How do you take care of cats?

To take care of the basic needs of a cat, follow these instructions: 1. Give your cat fresh water every day. 2. Feed you cat healthy, nourishing cat food. I feed mine twice a (MORE)
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How do you take care of ten cats?

Well, for starters, if you have 10 cats, you're probably considered a "crazy cat lady." (or man) Taking care of 10 cats is real simple. All you need is TONS of space, LOTS of (MORE)
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How to take care of a cat?

Taking care of a cat is easy. Cats should eat cat food. They can also eat tuna.. . that's correct cats are fascinating animals they cuddle, they are adorable and a (MORE)
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Tips on how to take care for the gums and teeth?

1. A balanced diet. 2. Proper brushing of teeth three times a day after meals , or at least twice morning and evening.. 3.Avoiding eating sweets frequently.. 4. Meeting the (MORE)
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How do you take good care of cats?

First get them spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted behaviors such as spraying and cancers and most importantly because of the pet overpopulation problem. Second they need (MORE)
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How do you take care of cats that have worms?

Worms in cats are easily treated with worming tablets, preferably from the vet. Worming tablets from the supermarket do not kill all the parasites that cats are subject to, bu (MORE)
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How do you take care a cat?

You need to feed it and give it water. Bathe it once in a while. Always have a clean litter box or let it out every now and then. But the number one thing every cat needs is L (MORE)
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Tips to take care of your computer?

1. Defragment your hard drive 2. Declutter 3. Be careful with food and drinks 4. Keep your work area clean 5. Close all programs before you shut down your PC ...Hope this he (MORE)
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What are some tips of taking care of a hamster?

First make sure you feed a good diet fruits berries veggies and a hamster mix from your local store also keep the cage cleaned once a week wash the bottom with a mild soap rin (MORE)
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What are good care tips for a bunny?

make sure you feed your bunny dry pellet food. Feed it veggies once in awhile therefore it can give them diarrhea. Make sure you let it outside of it's cage for exercise. A bu (MORE)
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Are cats easy to take care of?

Yes - they're relatively free-spirited and most will stay outside all day or inside all day, you only really have to feed them, clean out their litter tray if they use one, an (MORE)
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What if a mother cat is not doing a very good job of taking care of her kitten?

if the mother isn't doing its job the way it should be, then you should actually keep an eye on those kittens. But usually the mother tries to make the cat independent by maki (MORE)
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How do you take care of your baby cat?

It's easy to take care of a baby cat. All you need is litter, litter box, cat food dishes, cat food, water, a place to sleep, toys, and lots of love. It's best to have one lit (MORE)
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Does the cat take care of the kitten?

Yes, A mama cat takes care of a kitten for weeks and then the kitten becomes old enough to go out on it's own.
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How do you take care of a cat?

First, get all of the cat's shots, and get it fixed. Make sure it is very healthy and not acting weird. Give it food, water, and lots and lots of love, and in return, you will (MORE)
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What are the good health care tips?

1. Eat right: you should eat the right foods, but dont eat too much of it. 2. Exercise daily: it is good to exercise once a day. 3. Showers: keep clean so you dont get infect (MORE)
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What do you need to take care of cats?

Litter boxes, scratch posts, food bowls, cat food, some toys, and a cat leash if you would like to take them on walks.
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How do cats take care of their babies?

they have an instinct that tells them what to do in a situationlike for example the kittens are mewing and the mom will give themmilk.
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How kids can take care of cats?

well kids. are little. but cats can help kids. it helps them. in making them feel relax. and lower blood pressure. well any pet could do that. but kids might also interact wit (MORE)
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Is taking care of a cat hard?

If you give it love and care and treat it humanely to the best of you're ability then no. It really depends on you're faith in the cat itself. If you're anxious on adopting a (MORE)
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Tips on how to take care a dog?

DO'S . Feed your dog 2 times a day (one at night one in the morning). Take he/she out for a walk every 3-4 hours. Play with he/she to keep her/him entertained (Do this at (MORE)
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How do you take care of cats and dogs?

If the cats and dogs don't get along, which is a strong possibility, put dogs in pen, and take them out for walks for 30 minutes or less. Let the cats stay in the house. Don't (MORE)
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How do you take care of your pet cat?

If you have just acquired a cat, the best thing to do is do place him or her in a quiet room, away from noisy or busy parts of the household so she/he can recover from the mov (MORE)
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How do you take care of a sick cat?

! Your question was: "How do you take care of a sick cat?" Answer: Try taking it to the Vet and they will give you some medicine for your cat. Or, instead of payin (MORE)
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How do you take care of a baby cat?

To take care of a kitten, a bowl for food, and another bowl for water are necessary, you also will need a grooming kit which should contain cotton balls, a fine tooth comb (fo (MORE)
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Do cats or kittens take care of you?

yes they do! they bark just like dogs and bite mean people! (not fake answer) It is outside their sphere of interest, which ends about 1" beyond them.
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How do you take good care of a cat?

1. If old enough, have she/he spayed/ neutered Unless you are intending to breed it. 2. Provide a warm place that is sheltered if the cat is outdoors 3. Provide cat/kitten foo (MORE)
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How do you take care of a cat pregnant cat?

Well, to take care of a pregnant cat is easy. You just have to feed her a little more, give her more affection, and watch her belly. When the time comes, make sure she's comfo (MORE)
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Can you give me tips to take care of my tamagotchi?

1. If you hear your tamagotchi beep, then it means that something is wrong there like it pooping or it might mean mail. 2. Make sure to keep it healthy and happy. If you keep (MORE)