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Should cats eat fish?

They are allowed to eat certain types of fish, but only as a treat as fish does not meet all the nutritional requirements. I know they are not allowed to eat canned tuna (too (MORE)
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Why betta fish stops eating?

most of the time they will stop eating because of old age and about to die or you feed it too much. If you have a Betta I suggest feeding it once a day.
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How often should you eat fish?

You should eat fish 2-3 times a week and white fish such as salmon is the best.
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Should kittens eat fish?

Feeding a kitten fish once in a while as a treat shouldn't be harmful, but if you feed it too much fish it could have some nutritional deficiencies. This is because nutrients (MORE)
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How do you stop fish from eating your tadpoles?

Their are certain ways of stopping fish from eating your tadoles firstly you shouldn't be keeping tadpoles in the same place where fish hang around. Tadpoles are water animals (MORE)
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Why should you eat more fish?

Fish are a good source of lean protein, and a great source of the imporatant fatty acids in the omega 3 group which help keep your heart healthy. Be ware of eating too much f (MORE)
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How much should fish eat?

Different fish, different appetites. Just like people. They should be fed morning and evening as much as they can eat in 15 minutes. Any left over food should be removed and n (MORE)
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What do you do if your fish stops eating?

You can't do much as you cant force feed it but you could try a change of food as it might not like the food you are currently giving it
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Should a ferret eat fish?

It shouldn't be their only food but some ferrets do like fish. Some good choices would be tuna, salmon or whiting. The fish should be fresh, raw and unprocessed. The oils natu (MORE)
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Should you worry about your fish not eating?

I got a Siamese fighting fish for my birthday (the date today is 20/7/11 and I got him 13/6/11) So as you can see I've had him for a few weeks. He's blowing bubbles so that me (MORE)
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Why should you eat meat and fish?

Meat and fish are both good sources of protein, which you need mainly for your muscles. Fish are also a good source of what's called essential fats(fats that you actually need (MORE)
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What temp should you eat fish at?

I like it to be about 70 degrees when I eat fish. The temperatureof the fish is not an issue, other than killing any parasites init. Many people eat uncooked fish at room temp (MORE)