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What is the game 7 minutes in heaven?

WEll........................ it's kinda a fun game. You get some guys and girls (and equal amount) and spin the bottle. Lets say i spin the bottle and it lands on bob. Well bo (MORE)

What is the overhyped feature of telescope sales?

The magnification. What really matters about a telescope, the single most important piece of information, is the diameter of the main lens, or main mirror. The magnification. (MORE)
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What is the 7 minutes in heaven game?

Seven minutes in heaven a game you play at a party where a boy and a girl go into a different room or closet and do whatever they would like for seven minutes, usually kissing (MORE)

Who hit the most home runs in a 7 game playoff series?

In MLB, through the 2009 playoffs the record for home runs in a playoff series that went seven games is 4 and is held by many players. Those that hit 4 home runs in seven game (MORE)

Which Pitcher has pitch the most World Series game 7?

Bob Turley of the New York Yankees and Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals with three Game 7s each. Turley, of the New York Yankees, pitched in relief in 1955 and got a n (MORE)