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What is the definition of mold?

Mold has several definitions and how you use it will determine thedefinition. . In biology, a mold is a type of multicellular fungus. Moldsproduce spores as means of reprodu (MORE)
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Are there different kinds of mold?

Yes, there are many different types of moulds. They aregenerally divided into . Allergenic moulds, which may cause allergic reactions in peoplewho are susceptible to them . (MORE)
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What kind of bread doesn't mold?

actually pita bread doesn't mold Sourdough bread's mild level of acidity will discourage the growthof most mold species. We leave my sourdough loaves out of therefrigerator (MORE)
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What kind of mold grows on strawberries?

The kind of mold that grows on strawberries is gray mold. Mold iscaused by moisture on the fruit and it appears as a gray-whitefuzz.
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What kind of organism is mold?

Fruit mould is a fungus called Penicillium from which is made penicillin. Bread mould is a fungus Mucor and a slime mould is probably a different, more obscure type of fun (MORE)
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What kind of animals eat mold?

There are many kinds of animals that can eat mold. In particular,slugs are known for living on mold. Additionally, nearly thirtyvarieties of monkey eat mold, as do some birds (MORE)
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Is mold a kind of mold?

Yes, mold is a kind of mold. They are some members of a group mycology according to taxonomy.
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Definition for mold fossil?

Its a Noun, and here is the definition: A fossil formed when an animal, plant, or other organism dies and is covered by sediment, it flesh decays and bones deteriorate due t (MORE)
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What kind of molds grow on mold?

Some special species of molds can grow on other models. These are consuming the energy from the other models.
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What kind of mold grow on bread?

any kind of mold i don't think that there is just one type of mold so each bread probley has a different kind
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What kinds of molds grow on meat?

disgusting, yucky ,slimy ,dreadful ,smelly ,revolting, mold can go on to meat if it has not been eaten for years!