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Why is that you cant still penetrate your partner?

It is assumed that you are a male and a female. You must prepare the vagina for sex with foreplay and stimulation with a finger until it is slippery or you must add lubricat ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to you cant believe it by t pain?

she make me feel so good, better than i would by myself or if i was with somebody else. u don't understand she make the people say yeeeeahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh. (t-pain) ( Full Answer )
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Is you cant believe its not butter butter?

No. It is heart attack in a can. nope its butter substitute made with vegetable oil, water, buttermilk, salt and a bunch of other stuff
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Its been 7 hours since i took an ecstasy pill and i still cant sleep what do i do?

Stop taking Ecstasy. It's a dangerous drug and you never know what is in the pill. I didnt know what it was the first time i ever took anything like that and it was ( Full Answer )
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Why cant you stand perfectly still?

It is simply because you are alive. Living things move and have energy. You will not be entirelly still till you die. And even then, only the body lies still - your soul passe ( Full Answer )
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When is it believed Gamelan music was first heard?

Gamelan music is quite old, going back to times before historical records were kept in Indonesia. Is known that it predates the Hindu-Buddhist culture that dominated Indonesia ( Full Answer )
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I never have heard where Bill Murray has spoken of his religious beliefs and you know he was raised Catholic so is he still Catholic and does he believe in Jesus Christ?

Bill Murray was raised in a Catholic family (Irish Catholic parents who had nine children) and his sister, a Dominican Sister, made headlines with her one-woman show on Saint ( Full Answer )
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Why cant nuclear explosions be heard on earth?

Huh? They not only can be heard but they can be deafening. Using the same seismic equipment used to locate earthquakes, one can "hear" any nuclear explosion anywhere in the en ( Full Answer )
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What is someone called that does not believe in politics?

The word is apolitical. The person is either called "an apolitical" or it is said that their position is apolitical if they do not believe in politics. While "apolitical" is f ( Full Answer )
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Do political parties pick presidential candidates?

Yes, indeed. The presidential nominees are an important function of the national parties. They do hold primary elections to let the rank-and-file party members and supporters ( Full Answer )
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What is the gaffs of a chicken?

A gaff for a chicken is a type of knife or hook. They are a curvedspike that are typically attached to the chickens head to carry thebird after it has been killed.
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Do people who cant prove always believe?

In many cases yes, it is having faith that something not seen exists. I have never been to America, but having been told by someone who lives there and having seen photos give ( Full Answer )
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Do rastas believe in politics?

Politics is a fact of life not a belief system. Rastafarianism is a belief or spirituality system. Much like Christianity and Islam.
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How do political parties choose presidential candidates?

In the modern era, U.S. political parties choose their presidentialcandidates by primaries and caucuses. A primary is an election inwhich voters choose from a list of candidat ( Full Answer )
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What were the first political parties and what did they believe?

The first U.S. political party was the FederalistParty founded by Alexander Hamilton. It believed in astrong central government, a sound financial structure and supportof bu ( Full Answer )
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Why cant you believe everything you find on the internet?

Because anyone can put anything on the Web. A ten-year-old could build a reasonably good looking website in ten minutes, and write about how unicorns really do exist today. No ( Full Answer )
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What is I cant Believe Its Not Butter?

its BUTTER just that its gulten-free and it has less fat It is a brand of margarine made of oils and salt.