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What are some unique things about Texas?

Some things that make Texas a unique state include: . Texas was one of only three states that were once officiallyrecognized independent nations (as Republic of Texas) befor (MORE)
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What are some unique things about Hinduism?

There are many unique things about Hinduism. Hinduism is believedto be the oldest religion known to man. Yoga has been receivedaround the world and it began as a Hindu practic (MORE)
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7 unique properties of water?

A physical property is any property that is measurable whose value describes a state of a physical system. . Cohesion - Water can stick to itself . Adhesion - Water can s (MORE)
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Unique things about India?

India is the world's largest democracy !
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Is there such a thing as a microwave leak detector?

Yes. They are also called Microwave Oven Leakage Meters. I have seen some for sale for $10 or so. This meter is a small device you place next to your microwave's door and mov (MORE)
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What are some unique things about Louisiana?

20 Reasons Why Louisiana is Unique: . Louisiana is the only state to be governed under the NapoleonicCode. . Louisiana is the only state to have a judicial system run underF (MORE)
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What is the most unique thing about lemurs?

They have a ringed tail, which is longer than their body. . The number of rings on their tail is equal to the number of caudal vertebrae. (The number of bones in their tai (MORE)
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Unique thing about the Armenian genocide is?

It was the first genocide of the 20th century, and what the Turks did served as an example to many other criminals. To encourage his accomplices, Hitler once said "after all, (MORE)
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What is the most unique thing in the southeast?

The Okefenokee (Everglades) swamp, on the Georgia/Florida border. Lake Okeechobee, South Florida, 7th largest fresh water lake in the US; runs a close second.
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What is the unique thing of a bat?

A bat can catch an insect by making a very loud noise. The sound waves of the noise bounces off the insect and travels back to the ear of the bat. And the bat can tell how fas (MORE)
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What are things unique to Queensland?

Things unique to Queensland include natural and man-made featuressuch as: . The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame . Kuranda Skyrail . Undara lava tubes . Moreton Bay isl (MORE)
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What are the two unique things about Islam?

The Qur'an we have is the word of the God directly to human beings. Muslims are the only people who have a book whose words are direct from the Creator. The second one is t (MORE)
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Is there a such thing as a solar microwave?

Microwaves need electricity to run, but this is easily producedfrom solar panels. Campers and caravaners with solar panels andbatteries have 12 volt microwaves that run succes (MORE)