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Are there benefits of being a video gamer?

Regular use of video games has been show to increase your ability to assess objects in your visual field. How you assess them depends on the game. If it is a game involving sp (MORE)
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What do gamers do?

Play PC or consol games deep into the night, then go to school without doing any homework and spend the evening in detention dreaming of how the beat the wozzall monster when (MORE)
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What are the health benefits of being a veterinarian?

Health benefits for veterinarians vary dramatically, from nothing to full employer coverage of health insurance premiums including vision, dental and prescription. It all depe (MORE)
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What are the benefits of being confident?

Confident people are more likely to try new things because they feel they can succeed. Trying new things helps you grow as a person and allows you to expand your knowledge. Al (MORE)
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What are the benefits of being a tour guide?

There are many benefits to being a tour guide. you get to seethings for free that others have to pay for, you get to enjoynature, you learn new historical facts, and you get t (MORE)
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How can you be a gamer?

no offense to whoever wrote this question but REALLY! i mean come ON first you have to have money to get your system from a DS to an XBOX and games and just play until youre o (MORE)
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What are the benefits of being a baker?

Most nations on the earth eat bread in one form or another so it follows that anyone who has the skill and passion to produce this 'staff of life' will be sought after and res (MORE)
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What are the benefits of being a farmer?

you get to be your own boss,and you get to choose when you work and when you dont, and youmake a very good bit of money when you have a big farm.
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What are the benefits of being a food critic?

the benefits of a food critic would inclued eating, a lot. You get to try new and intesting foods. · Good restaurant reviewing is good journalism. · More people will co (MORE)
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What are benefits of being a construction worker?

My husband has been in the construction industry for about eight years now, and he actually really likes it. It can be difficult because the income isn't always steady. Althou (MORE)
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How can hard core gamers benefit from electricity saving?

Hard core gamers can benefit from electricity savings by the fact that to run a computer or game console uses a lot of electricity, running up the utility bills. Any savings t (MORE)
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What is a gamer?

A person that gets paid to play games