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Can you get a tattoo on your foot?

Yes, any place you have skin on your body, you can tattoo, and even some other places, such as eyeballs, though these are extremely rarely done.
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Do foot tattoos hurt? I don't know how old this post was- but I just got my foot tattoo yesterday and figured I would post something about it. (MORE)
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How much does a foot tattoo hurt?

On a scale from 1-10 ... 9.3 ishhh. I wanted one, but my mom got one when she was younger and she said it hurt sooo bad. Imagine having to walk on the foot.. Even though the (MORE)
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Is getting foot tattooed painful?

HELL YEA ITZ PAINFUL, that's the worst place to get a tattoo if u really cant stand the pain, i have one on my foot with butterflys that's purple blue and pink, and i have nev (MORE)
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Will a tattoo grow off your foot?

your skin exfoliates much differently there than anywhere else on your body-shoes and socks. Its very common for foot tattoos needing touch ups.
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What do foot tattoos mean?

it means a tattoo on your foot check related link below to see a photo
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How painful is it to get a tattoo on your foot?

I just got mine on my foot about 4 days ago. It was painful, but I didn't cry. Obviously the pain is withstandable but it just doesn't feel so peachy. haha I tried to focus on (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Epic Run - 2009?

The cast of Beyond the Epic Run - 2009 includes: Chris Andrew Ciulla as Narrator Jim Boehiem as himself Amby Burfoot as himself Tom Dreesen as himself Jay Granat as himself De (MORE)