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Forever top moneymaking film?

If adjusted for inflation the top moneymaking film in American Film is Gone With The Wind which was released in 1939.

How do you grow from a 8 month relationship to make it last forever?

Be your self and act like your self. Don't push it to marriage on less you and your partner have talked about it and both of you are ready, the lasting forever part, sadly, I (MORE)
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How do you make the sun live forever?

The sun will eventually exhaust its supply of hydrogen. The only conceivable way to stop this would be to provide more hydrogen. Unfortunately, as a star grows more massive it (MORE)

What film took John Wayne 8 years to find right location?

I have read many books on the life of John Wayne but have never heard that he scouted a location for 8 years. Wherever he travelled, Wayne always kept in mind places that migh (MORE)
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What product does Forever Living make?

The products Forever Living vary from facial creams to drinks to bee products. Some of the products are aloe vera gel drink, aloe berry drink, foundation, shampoo, conditioner (MORE)
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How can you make magnets move forever?

A magnets magnetism doesnt always last forever. But it does last a long time like long enough even after you die. And it is possible to move a magnet forever. Place a small ma (MORE)
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Do they make a gum that last forever?

No. Any business making a gum that lasts "forever" would go out of business - because you'd never need to buy any more.