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Is nirvana making a comeback?

are you taking the piss? wtf? the lead singers dead, the drummer formed foo fighters etc, how do u expect nirvana to 're-form'. u obviously don't know much about nirvana, or (MORE)

Can the galago make a comeback?

With so many of African's forests being cut by local farmers and logging companies, many of the non-human primates (including the galagos) are probably NOT going to be making (MORE)

Is Tevin Campbell making a comeback?

After a shelved album in 2008, Campbell appeared in Hairspray onBroadway and in international tours. His comeback was not completeduntil 2014, when he signed a new album contr (MORE)

Is b5 making a comeback 2008?

No,they have already made a come back through the following dates 2010-2011.Their new name as a group is AUDIO WERXZ.For more information go to
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Are sheer pantyhose making a comeback?

In a big way! For the last few years hosiery has appeared on fashion runways and now even sheer hosiery is supposed to be in style this year. Celebrities has taken to wearing (MORE)

How to make comebacks?

you don't make comebacks you tell the first adult you see or if your in the halls tell the principal or homeroom teacher

Is the virtual boy making a comeback?

What do you mean by that? If you mean if Nintendo is making anotherVirtual Boy, probably not, the closest thing to Nintendo makinganother one is the 3DS. However. Other compan (MORE)