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What is a conspiracy theory?

It's normally applied to a version of events that a group of people believe to be true in direct conflict to the official version. Two well known examples of conspiracy theori (MORE)

Conspiracy theory Pearl Harbor?

It has been strongly suggested that Franklin D. Roosevelt had advanced warning of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, yet allowed it to happen. His presumed reason was that i (MORE)

What was the conspiracy theory about Pearl Harbor?

That president Roosevelt and other senior government officials knew the attack would happen, and would use it as an excuse to enter WWII. There is no shred of hard evidence sa (MORE)

What is one example of a ''conspiracy theory''?

The pretense that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. The pretense that George Bush, rather than Al Qaeda, was responsible for 9/11. The pretense that Jewish people are to blame som (MORE)

What are some conspiracy theories?

One theory i know of is the 9/11 and the theory is that it was a missle launched by the U.S insteas of a plain crashing,one because the hole was small and two because the heat (MORE)

What are some of the 9 11 conspiracy theories?

There are hundreds of 9-11 theories. One of then states that the most powerful air force fail did indeed intercept the four hijacked planes but the most commented one is that (MORE)

How are conspiracy theories used?

The big problem is that conspiracy theory is used in two different ways. The first is as a conspiracy theory, which refers to to an explanation that invokes a conspiracy. Alth (MORE)

What is the Titanic conspiracy theory?

The bizarre idea that the White Star Line remodeled Titanic's older sister (but significantly smaller and different) ship Olympic, to pass for Titanic. Then they remodeled Tit (MORE)

What are conspiracy theories and what are they supposed to do?

Conspiracy theories are guesses and/or assumptions to an event or many events in life; they are beliefs that whatever the event may have been shouldn't be taken at face value (MORE)

What is a stink bug conspiracy theory?

I thought I had heard just about everything until this stinkbugconspiracy debacle. From what I have been able to dig up, thestinkbugs are said to be sent by the Chinese to und (MORE)