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You made a terrible mistake and lost track of which plug wire went where while attempting to change your wires could anyone help you?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nLocate the #1 plug wire position on the distributor cap. It's usually marked with a "1". Next, locate the number one cylinder. If this is a GM (MORE)
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What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend because you had a problem with his social life and you realize you made a mistake and have tried to get him back but he will not come back?

i guess best way to understanding this, put yourself in his position. what if he pushed you away from his life because of your social life? do you want to go back to him? \n (MORE)
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Will your ex-boyfriend miss you if you play hard to get and realize that he has made a mistake?

I think the hard to get thing is silly. I mean for example if I play hard too get and that alone gets the guy, then once he gets me, then what? he will be bored. I want a man (MORE)
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What if you ignore your ex-boyfriend will he think you are over him and miss you if you play hard to get and realize that he has made a mistake and want you back?

Answer . Sometimes this will work and sometimes it won't and that's a risk you are going to take. You should out with girlfriends and since you are no longer attached you (MORE)
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What should you do if you made the mistake of moving out and running from your problems with your wife and you return a month later and realize she is the love of your life but she wants to start over?

Answer . Sometimes you need to acknowledge that you screwed up and face the consequences of your actions.\n. \nIf she doesn't want to try to maintain a relationship with (MORE)
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What is the likelihood of a narcissist realizing the mistakes he has made in a primary relationship?

Very likely. Just as the wise say you never know whats good until its gone answer This is just my opinion, based on my experience. I would say that the N probably knows al (MORE)
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If your ex came back because they realized that they made a mistake what made them realize and how did things turn out?

They obviously wanted to see if the grass was greener by leaving you and realized one they found out and got what they wanted that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. (MORE)
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What do you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend and realize you made a mistake?

Answer That depends on how you broke up with him. Was it a bad break up with a lot of yelling or was it " this just isn't what I want right now". If your ex really loves you (MORE)
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How long does it take for guys to realize they made a mistake?

Unfortunately just because you may think they made a mistake does not mean they feel the same way. If they feel they want to get back with someone eventually it will be at the (MORE)
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How do you get over the fact that you made a mistake or wrong choice and realize that the moment is gone and not coming back ever again?

The healthiest thing to do is to let it go, write of as one more mistake and move on. Living in the past is never the answer. Keep telling yourself that new opportunity will r (MORE)
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How long does it take for a guy to realize he made a mistake?

About That Mistake! . What you might think a mistake is always based on your personal view of circumstances. I want you to realize that the same circumstances seen by dif (MORE)
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Is it wrong to give away your puppy and realized you made a horrible mistake and then ask the people for it back?

If they are no good for the puppy then yes. If not then you made the right decision. You can't take it back you have to trust in these people that want it and you must have ha (MORE)
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How do you make your Scorpio ex mate realize that he made a big mistake by breaking up with you?

Whether he is Scorpio to Virgo astrological signs do not make one person better than another. A Virgo or any other sign can cheat on their mates; break up for no reason; be no (MORE)
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You granted life estates to your two boys. You realize that you made a mistake. Can you give someone or one son a life lease on the whole place?

Yes. You could grant a life lease to one son or another person, however, it would be subject to the life estates. Both sons have an equal right to the use and possession of th (MORE)
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Have i made a mistake?

it depends...if ur boyfriend/husband really cares for u and is not embarresed 2 show it, he loves u, if he treats u like a slave and u'v got the feeling his usin u, u have mad (MORE)
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What has Buddhism made people realize?

it has made people realize that people are changing all the time, people now understand that you can never be truly happy unless you understand that part of suffering is greed (MORE)