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Nazi flag 44x30 and it has four black stamps on it and three on the other side with this flag is a letter stating that it was captured by the us army on oct 21 1941 in Aachen Horst Wessel?

I have a WWII nazi flag and it has a stamp which is in german, but translates to "property of the city of Trier" if it is in german, you should translate it -w ___ The ( Full Answer )
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Who liberated the city of Aachen?

Americans liberated the city of Aachen on October 21, 1944, aftersix-weeks of intense fighting. Aachen is located on the western tipof Germany.
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What did Aachen used to be called?

In most English-speaking countries Aachen used to be called Aix-la-Chappelle as French was considered just oh-so-classy.
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Who built the cathedral at aachen?

Odo of Metz, also referred to as Eudes of Metz that lived duringCharlemagne's reign in the Carolingian Empire is credited with it'sconstruction.
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What monunent can be found in Aachen?

Panzerspare or Dragons teeth, part of the Third Reich's West wall line of defence. Various sizes of cast "teeth" in rows of 3-4 snake across the countryside around the Dutch / ( Full Answer )
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When was Aachen founded?

Aachen was founded in 1306 and covers a total of 62.1 square miles.The current population of Aachen is estimated to be 260,454.
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What was important about the battle of Aachen?

Aachen was the first German city reached by the American Army, in the early autumn of 1944. The Germans put up an extremely tough fight the city. Since breaking out from the N ( Full Answer )
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Driving time from Dusseldorf to Aachen?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. Theapproximate driving time between these two places is 1 hour.
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What is the calculation method for fajr Anthan in Aachen Germany?

the Athan is said the same as usuall RecitalArabicTransliterationTranslation4xالله أكبرAllahu AkbarGod is Greatest2xأشهد أن لا ( Full Answer )
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Why was Aachen special to Charlemagne?

It is possible that we will never really know why Aachen was special to Charlemagne, but it clearly was. It has been speculated that he may have been born there. He spent Chri ( Full Answer )
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How does one book hotels in Aachen?

A good way to book hotels is via an online website that specializes in bookings. Example of websites where one can book hotels online are Booking and TripAdvisor. Here one can ( Full Answer )
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What is there to see in Aachen?

The things that you can do in Aachen Germany are visit the Christmas market, You can also visit the Suermondt-Ludwig Museums. You can go visit the beautiful CharleMagne Shrine ( Full Answer )