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Who was Aaliyah?

Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001), better known as Aaliyah (pronounced /əˈliːə/), was an American R&B and pop singer and actress. Introduc ( Full Answer )
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How old is Aaliyah?

Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 and died on August 25, 2001. Aaliyah would have been 22 years old at the time of death or 36 years old today.
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Who is Aaliyah Haughton?

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. she was know as a R&B singer,dancer, actress and model. At age 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records a ( Full Answer )
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Was Aaliyah a virgin?

I honestly don't think that this question should be up for discussion. Aaliyah is deceased, has been since August 25, 2001 and it doesn't matter in the first place if she was ( Full Answer )
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How and why did Aaliyah die?

Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001. She died because her plane had too much equipment on it, and too many people and all the weight from the people and equipment exceeded t ( Full Answer )
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Where is Aaliyah located at?

Aaliyah is buried in Rosewood Mausoleum a private section at Ferncliff Cemetery; Unit 4, Tier CC , Private Alcove, Crypt 3 In Westchester County, New York. You can leave fl ( Full Answer )
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Will there be an Aaliyah movie?

They been saying this for years only time will tell,but I think they should just take old Aaliyah videos and interviews and put it together this way it will be Aaliyah 100% kn ( Full Answer )
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Do Aaliyah have a child?

No Aaliyah did not or does not have a child. This was part of a rumor that went around after she made the album and song "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number." That's when a lot of ( Full Answer )
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What does Aaliyah like?

The singer-actress is no longer living, so the question cannot be answered in the present tense. it is interesting to note one of the songs in (of all things) Anastasia- entit ( Full Answer )
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Who was Aaliyah boyfriend?

There was talk of Aaliyah being in a relationship with rnb singer, R-Kelly, but a proven boyfriend of the singer Aaliyah was Damon Dash. Roc-o-fellas co CEO!
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What killed Aaliyah?

From the different reports i have read, she suffered a massive blow to the head upon the plane crashing and deep burns to a bad degree. main reason of having a closed casket s ( Full Answer )
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Why was Aaliyah important?

Aaliyah was / is important because she was one of the first female singers to actually introduce what some call "Hip - Hop & B." When she first came out in 1994, she was a pro ( Full Answer )
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Where did Aaliyah live at?

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. See Biography at < ( Full Answer )
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What injuries did Aaliyah have?

Aaliyah died from severe burns and a blow to the head, also in addition to severe shock. The coroner even confirmed that even if she had of lived, she wouldn't have been able ( Full Answer )
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What was Aaliyah accomplishments?

Aaliyah was a Singer, dancer, actress, model. she had 3 studio album, she had two compilation album selling over 61 million records to date establishing a networth of over $50 ( Full Answer )
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Does Aaliyah like you?

why yes she has my nose my huge lips my body type & my skin tone she even died on my birthday and i look more like her than keisha dose and im getting the so they change there ( Full Answer )
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What was aaliyahs weight?

Aaliyah was not a big girl. I will say she was about 120 to 130 at the most. I know she work out and ate health food.
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Who influenced Aaliyah?

she noted her grandmother Gladys Knight as one of the most influential people of her life
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Who is Aaliyah perry?

she is a young woman that lives in sherwood Oregon and is very popular born 5-7-97 and is a great role model.
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Was Aaliyah decapatated?

No. Aaliyah suffered severe burns & a blow to the head which fractured her skull.
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Where was aaliyahs funiral?

Aaliyah's funeral was on 08/31/2001,at the Saint Ignatius Loyola Church in New York. her casket was silver which was carried in a glass hearse and was drawn by horse.The entra ( Full Answer )
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Does Aaliyah have a husband?

No,but she had plans to marry Damon Dash after the premiere of The matrix, but they only dated until her death on August 25, 2001. some people said that R.kelly and Aaliyah ( Full Answer )
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When did Aaliyah get married?

Aaliyah didn't get the chance to proceed with any type of wedding because she was killed in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001 after wrapping up early production on her final musi ( Full Answer )
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Is Aaliyah an princess?

Yes completely My name is Madihah and i am Aaliyah's best friend and i think Aaliyah is an princess ROM your best friend madihah
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What was Aaliyah wearing?

She was wearing a black tank top and white sweatpants with a blackheadband. If you google "Aaliyah last photo", which was taken rightbefore she boarded the plane, you can see ( Full Answer )
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Who was Aaliyah boyfreind?

Her boyfriend was Damon Dash. They were said to be married after Aaliyah would finish the movie The Matrix. But unfortunately she passed away in a plane crash. If you want mor ( Full Answer )
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Who die with Aaliyah?

Aaliyah & the eight others on board, pilotLuis Morales III, hair stylist Eric Forman, Anthony Dodd, securityguard Scott Gallin, video producer Douglas Kratz, stylistChristophe ( Full Answer )
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Was Aaliyah sacrificed?

Yea. She was sacrificed by Damon Dash for money and power in the rap game. She was a blood line sacrifice
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Who did Aaliyah influence?

she influenced her fans and children into becoming whoever theywanted to be and that their dreams and wishes did come true.Thiswas shown in her interview for journey to the pa ( Full Answer )
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Where is aaliyahs grave?

Aaliyah is interred in a crypt in a private room in the Rosewood Mausoleum at the Ferncliff Cemetery.
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Is Aaliyah Aaliyah father jamaican?

Yes. Aaliyah's brother Rashad said there grandparents were jamaican. she also is part Native American
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What do Aaliyah do?

Aaliyah is a famous singer she is now dead but she will always be remebered
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Is Aaliyah in hell?

I cant really say aand judge but she was in the illuminate but if she did not repent she would be in hell that goes for every body
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Was Aaliyah in danger?

Yes. Although the pilot was not registered to fly the plane, theplane taking her back to Florida was smaller than the one shearrived on & she was told it was overloaded by 700 ( Full Answer )
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Did Aaliyah survive?

No, unfortunately Aaliyah did not survive the plane crash. She passed away on August 25th, 2001.