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1 aare is how many acres?

1 are is 100 square meters. 1 hectare (10,000 sq meters) = 2.471 acres. So 1 are is one hundredth of a hectare = 0.02471 acre.
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Who aare the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers are three extremely hawt brothers who have a self-titled band. The oldest is Kevin, who is 21, and the middle brother is Joe, 19. And the cutest, most talen (MORE)
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Where does the aare river end?

The Aare River starts in a Swiss canton by the name of Graubunden.It flows through a few areas and it empties into the North Sea nearthe Netherlands.Ê
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What regions aare in geroiga?

The country of Georgia has the following regions: Abkhazia (autonomous republic) Adjara (autonomous republic) Guria Imereti Kakheti Kvemo Kartli Mtskheta-Mtianeti Racha-Lechk (MORE)
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When was Aare Laanemets born?

Aare Laanemets was born on February 6, 1954, in Tallinn, Estonia.