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Who is abas?

Abas Sheikh is an 11 yr old boy that goes to Cochrane middle school in IBC in room 515 Ms.Mongomery's room Block 1 & 9
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Who is abas kumar ganguli?

Abas Kumar Ganguli was a singer who was also known as Ashok Kumar
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What products are currently produced by Abas?

Abas is a company that mainly produces purses and handbags. These handbags and purses are usually made out of leather in either brown, black, or white.
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What is an abas?

An abas is variously defined as a Persian coin, a Persian unit of mass, a bronze Afghan coin, or a unit of measurement for Afghan postage stamps.
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What has the author Ahmad Abas written?

Ahmad Abas has written: 'Pelaksanaan keterampilan fungsional muatan lokal pilihan pada sekolah lanjutan tingkat pertama negeri yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan lapangan kerja'