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What is patient abandonment?

It's what most doctors tend to do when they can't easily diagnosethe problem with the patient. Most physicians want patients thathave clear cut issues to they can be treated ( ( Full Answer )
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What is child abandonment?

•Child abandonment in Washington is:. • (1) A Parent or guardian abandons a child when the parent or guardian is responsible for the care, education, or support of ( Full Answer )
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Abandoning a vehicle?

It is illegal to abandon a vehicle on a public motorway, as it is a serious threat to the safety of drivers. Abandoning your vehicle on someone else's property will probably r ( Full Answer )
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What is an Abandonment Warrant?

most people youe it to file child support on someone it states they have nothing to do with their child in short terms
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How do you get an abandoned car?

Answer . Do you mean how do you buy an abandoned car or how do you find an abandoned car??. You can buy an abandoned car thru a car auction...find the nearest place by go ( Full Answer )
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What is spousal abandonment?

The legal definition of abandonment is, "The act by which a person abandons and forsakes, without justification, a condition of public, social, or family life, renouncing its ( Full Answer )
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What is abandonment can I move out without abandonment and how do I do it?

Answer . Abandonment is basically leaving and violating your lease/rent contract, or just leaving your house with everything in it without telling your benefactors or the ( Full Answer )
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What is street abandonment?

It means the public entity no longer wants to own or maintain the street, or be liable for damage or injuries occurring there. There may be overlapping rights, as where a fede ( Full Answer )
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What is Job abandonment?

Answer . Typically this is when you miss work for a consecutive amount of days without calling or giving any type of notification. For instance if the company states three ( Full Answer )
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Why animals abandoned?

Animals are abandoned by people who are disgusting. THEY SHOULDNT GET THE POOR ANIMAL IF THEY CANT LOOK AFTER IT!
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What is marriage abandonment?

leaving your spouse without good cause, like domestic violence,or other factors, but just to leave without cause is abandonment of your marriage. If this your spouse abandons ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of abandon?

The opposite of the verb abandon (leave behind, relinquish) would be to stay, retain, keep, hold, defend, or support. The opposite of the noun abandon (disregard) would be r ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of abandon?

1. To withdraw one's support or help from, especially in spite ofduty, allegiance, or responsibility; desert: abandon a friend introuble. 2. To give up by leaving or ceasing t ( Full Answer )
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What is animal abandonment?

leaving an animal alone with no food supplies so that it dies slowly and painfully
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What is vehicle abandonment?

I would like to know how to take owner ship of a vehicle that has been abandoned. I can no longer locate the person who left if in my position. I would like to know if I can f ( Full Answer )
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Why was angkor what abandoned?

Because of the fall of Khmer Empire, as well as the war between Thailand and Vietnam.
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Why cats are abandoned?

Maybe someone found them annoying because they meowed too much, or because they stunk up the house, or I don't know what. But if you don't want a cat anymore, then you should ( Full Answer )
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What is project abandonment?

Project abandonment is when a project is stopped for variousreasons. This could be due to budget cuts or because someone justchanged their mind.
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What is music of abandon?

Abandon is a Christian band. The songs on their latests CD Searchlights include Hold On, Song For The Broken, Confession, Be Alive In Me, Here We Are Now, Providence, City Lig ( Full Answer )
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What is abandonment divorce?

Divorce laws vary from state to state. Desertion or abandonment with the intention of not returning is grounds for divorce in states that still have fault divorce as opposed t ( Full Answer )
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When and why was Ur abandoned?

when babylonia was captured by persia the city of ur which was under the control of persia began to decline. this happend around fourth century bc
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What can you do with abandoned quarries?

Abandoned quarries are best left to fill up with water, then stocked with fish and enjoyed as a fishing and swimming hole. They can also be used as landfills, or could be natu ( Full Answer )
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Why was Teotihuacán abandoned?

It was attacked, sacked and burned by Toltec invaders during the 7th to 8th centuries.
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Why is abandon a verb?

Because it is an action. A verb is an action word, or a "doing word". To abandon is to leave something behind, which is an action. A verb is a word that describes an action ( Full Answer )
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Can you abandon a dog?

Yeah, and the type of people that do are sick in the head. The dog remembers everything and can become nervous for the rest of its life (i had one that we rescued and it was s ( Full Answer )
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What is abandonism?

Abandonism is a standpoint from which the very notion of civilization is criticized. Abandonism suggests slow but steady return, or progress to other forms of social relations ( Full Answer )
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How do you abandon a Neopet?

You must go to the Neopian Pound, then follow the door to the "Abandon" page. You then must click the confirmation button underneath the pet you wish to abandon a few times - ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your wife abandons you?

You try by all means to get some one who can reconcile both of you,or first proach her and ask her to perdon your mistakes if you are the one in wrong,if she's the one in wron ( Full Answer )
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Why is he abandoned by his shipmates?

because they are frightened by the giants, so they run away and leave Gulliver behind
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When was the abandoned published?

The Abandoned by Paul Gallico (Nov 1995) The Abandoned by Ross Campbell (Mar 7, 2006) The Abandoned by Douglas Clegg (May 2005) .
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Why horses get abandoned?

Horses are abandoned for many reasons including owners who no longer want or can care for them. Some horses are stolen and turned lose. Some owners release the horse into the ( Full Answer )
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How do you abandon a boat?

1.) You tell everybody on the boat. 2.) You make a Mayday call. 3.) You grab your evacuate emergency kit. 4.) You put on a life vest. 5.) You wait in line for getting ( Full Answer )
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What is of abandoning ship?

When a ship begins to sink, someone will usually shout "abandon ship!" which means jump off the ship before it sinks. There is a second part to this where the captain stays wi ( Full Answer )
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What is an abandonment?

An abandonment is a voluntary act of abandoning a dwelling orperson, or, of an individual, the surrender to any outsideinfluences.
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What is abandoned by Disney?

it is a creepypasta story where a guy goes to an abandoned Disneylocation named "Treasure Island" at the end of his adventure hefinds a photo negative Mickey costume that come ( Full Answer )