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What were achievements of the Abbasid period?

Algebraic/Geometric Theories and Trigonometry (like sine, cosine, tangent, etc). . Chemistry (classes of animals, vegetables, and minerals; objective experiment) . Astro ( Full Answer )
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How did the Abbasids come to power?

They invited a lot of important people to a party and either poisoned or slayed all of them with swords. With all the important people dead, the Abbasids took power. But one m ( Full Answer )
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What did the Abbasids trade?

plants, fruit trees, animals, agricultural technology, cotton, rice, new strains of wheat, indigo, and all types of vegetables.
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Who were the Abbasids?

The Abbasids are the Abbasid people in the Abbasid dynasty. Abbasid refers to Abbas Ibn Abd Al Muttaleb the uncle of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
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What was the nature of the abbasid government?

the Abbasid government represented a return to the principles of government in the first days of the orthodox calender
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What was the nature of the economy of the Abbasid period?

I think its it was a period of general prosperity typified by urban growth and the restoration of the Afro-Eurasian trade axis. That's what my AP history book says
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Where were the Abbasids from?

originated in damascus, syria and then relocated their capital in Baghdad, Iraq. took their name from Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'s paternal uncle al-Abbas--that way the Muslim ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of Abbasid?

The Abbasids were an Arab dynasty descended from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad, who supplanted the Umayyads in ad 750.
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What did Abbasid Caliphate do to spread Islam?

Abbasid Caliphate The first continent outside of Arabia to have an Islamic history was Africa beginning with the Hijirah to modern day Ethiopia trough modern day Eritrea (All ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Abbasid rule end?

They disliked the Abbasid rulers for several reasons. Some Abbasid rulers were found of easy living. They ignored their governments duties. They failed to protect merchants fr ( Full Answer )
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How did the Abbasids hold on to power?

They built a standing army and moved the capital from Damascus to Baghdad. The got power in the name of returning the power to Ahl ul Bayt. but when they got power they kill ( Full Answer )
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How did the abbasids gain power?

In 750 CE there was a revolution against Umayyad rule which began in eastern Iran and rapidly spread over the whole empire. The Umayyads were totally destroyed except for one ( Full Answer )
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What are the reasons for the decline of the Abbasid Caliphate?

Answer 1 Abbasid power began to decline in the second half of the ninth century as the caliphs found it impossible to maintain control over their vast territory. One factor ( Full Answer )
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Why did trade flourish under the Abbasids?

The Abbasids used something similar to a banking system. Peopleinvested in long distance trade and goods were bought on credit.
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How were shiites treated by abbasids?

shiites were under control and any political action was banned for them and Imam of shia Muslims was in prison by abbasids.
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Who defeated the Abbasid Empire in 1258?

The Mongols did under the leadership of Hulegu Khan, the grandsonof Genghis Khan and brother of Kublai Khan.
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How did the abbasids use their wealth?

Well, they used their wealth to support the arts and learning, andtheir wealth helped with trade. This was all I could find...buthope it helped!
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What are the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties?

What is referred to as the Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottomani 'dynasties' are names of the different eras of rule over the Islamic state. In Islam, the Muslims are united as one ( Full Answer )
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Why did abbasids move their capital?

The Abbasids moved their capital to Baghdad because they wanted to move it closer to Damascus during the time when Umayyad's capital was Damascus. In which means that the Abba ( Full Answer )
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Why did abbasids lose control of their empire?

Answer 1 because people rebeled Answer 2 The reasons for the eventual fall of the Abbassid Caliphate which occurred in 1100-1258 CE are the following. 1) Corruption: \n ( Full Answer )
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Who defeated Abbasid Empire in 1258?

Hulagu Khan of the Mongols defeated Abbasid Caliph Al-Musta'sim in 1258 in Baghdad. He completely conquered the Abbassid Empire and made sure to raze every city to the ground ( Full Answer )
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Who were the rulers of the Abbasid empire?

about 37 ruler (khaleefa) some famous of them 1- abu-alabbas (abdullah) 2- abu ga'afar al-mansor 3- mohammed almahdy 3-haron arrasheed 4-al-ma'amon : the golden age of the abb ( Full Answer )
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Who were the attackers of the abbasids?

It is unclear what an "attacker" is. If it refers to the armies trained by the Abbassids, then theMamluks (Türkic Slave Armies) and the traditional Islamic Armiesare the " ( Full Answer )
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What ended the Abbasid caliphate?

There were a number of very important reasons that led to theoverall demise of the Abbassid Caliphate in terms of physical size.There are very different conditions that lead t ( Full Answer )
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Where was the abbasid capitol?

Baghdad. Before the Abbasids, it was Damascus, but once the Abbasids took over they changed it to Baghdad.
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When and how did the Abbasids over throw the Umayyad?

The Umayyad caliphate lasted almost a century. It oversaw the expansion of Islam, but tensions within the Muslim community brought about its downfall. It was overthrown by the ( Full Answer )
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How did the abbasids came to power?

The Abbasids came to power under the auspices of a Shi`ite movement which, they claimed, had transferred its loyalty to Muhammad b. `Ali, the great-grandson of Muhammad's uncl ( Full Answer )
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What were 5 of the greatest achievements of the Abbasids?

Answer 1 Destroying real Islam. Answer 2 Any list of the five greatest achievements will necessarily bedifferent depending on the Answerer. As for me... 1) Gathering of K ( Full Answer )
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How did the Abbasids differ from the umayyads?

Answer 1 People hated Umayyads for their public sins. Abbasids were relatives of messenger of God Muhammad SAWW and they could become popular by telling people that we want t ( Full Answer )
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What did abbasids change during their rule?

The Abbassids ruled for over 400 years and therefore changed numerous things. They implemented new forms of bureaucracy (especially tax collection), implemented equal right ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Abbasids move the capital?

Damascus, the former capital, was in territory loyal to theUmayyads. The Abbassids decided that it would be smarter to movethe capital to territories more loyal to them, where ( Full Answer )
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What did the umayyads do that the abbasids did not?

Under the Umayyads, Mawali (ornon-Arab Muslims) were traditionally excluded from political and socialaffairs. The Umayyad rulers, in particular, treated them as second-class M ( Full Answer )