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Why did Tsar Nicholas abdicate his throne?

because russia believed he lacked the qualities of a leader, and many of the people were poor and hungry and blamed him. the turmoil of the country was on Nicholas's shoulders (MORE)
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What is abdicate?

Abdicate is either the act of giving up oneâ??s throne or steppingdown. A sort of monarch retirement. Although the term is commonlyused when referring to monarchs, it can a (MORE)
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Why did Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicate?

There was a revolution in Germany in November 1918 and the army did nothing to uphold the monarchy, so Kaiser Wilhelm II fled to the Netherlands and abdicated. To fill it ou (MORE)
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Use the word abdicate in a sentence?

Too many parents abdicate their responsibilities and expect the school to teach their children discipline.
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What does abdicate mean?

It means to formally relinquish power or authority, as when a monarch abdicates. It also means "surrender". It means to relinquish or give up your position or responsibilities (MORE)
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Where did Nicholas II of Russia abdicate?

At the Winter Palace in Petrograd/St Petersburg. (first answer) Despite whom ever answered your question above, and I mean no offense to that person at all. Their answer (MORE)
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What is a sentence with the word abdicator?

An abdicator is someone that relinquished a throne, essentially. Anexample sentence would be: The abdicator had to step down, so thenew king could take the throne.
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If a king abdicates what does he do?

If a king abdicates, it means he voluntarily steps down from his position and the throne passes to the next in line.
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To abdicate is to?

abdicate is another word for stepping down , an example is to step down as a prime minister or a king. one of the most famous abdication is that of King Edward VIII of the (MORE)
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When did the Tsar abdicate?

March 15th 1917 after losing control of the army, he left the duma committee to form their own government.
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Which uprising forced the czar to abdicate?

Most people call it the Russian Revolution-- maybe there is a less obvious name for it. The February Revolution of 1917 is the one which forced the Czar to abdicate. It is (MORE)
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Which king abdicated and why?

edward abdicated so he could marry mrs Simpson an American divorcee as king he would have been head of the church of England and would not be moral to have done so
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What year did king edward abdicate?

He abdicated in 1936, on 11th December- he had been King for less than a year, having succeeded as monarch on 20th January that year. He is one of only two monarchs since the (MORE)
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How many English kings abdicated?

I am only aware of one actual abdication: Edward VIII. In 1688 James II fled to France, dropping the Great Seal of the Realm into the Thames, and the question was discussed (MORE)
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Who abdicated in 1936?

Edward V111, so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. They then became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and settled in Paris after World War 2.
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What is the relationship between resignation- abdication?

Resignation is quitting an employment or any position. A letter to the immediate officer will do .Abdication means renunciation of a high office,soveriegn power. Renunciation (MORE)
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Did Richard II abdicate and what year?

Richard 2nd did not abdicate but ceded defeat after failing to crush a rebellion led by Henry Bolingbroke ,son of John of Gaunt who became Henry1V.
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Why did Richard Cromwell abdicate?

He abdicated because he didn't truly want to rule like his father, so when he wasn't in favour with the ideas of hte army he decided to resign, leaving England without a ruler (MORE)
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How do you use the word abdication in a sentence?

The king's abdication from the throne allowed him to spend more time with his faithful wife and gave his son a chance at the stresses of being a ruler.
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Can Elizabeth II abdicate to Charles?

Yes, but it's unlikely.Even if she became incapacitated, he would probably take over the duties but not the title.
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Why does Liliuokalani signed the act of abdication?

Queen Liliuokalani said ; about the 22d of January a paper was handed to me by Mr. Wilson, which, on examination, proved to be a purported act of abdication for me to sign. (MORE)
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When did the last czar abdicate the throne?

The last czar abdicated the throne on March 2, 1917, according to the Russian calendar then in use. In western countries, it was March 15, 1917
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Why did Queen Juliana abdicate?

Official answer- health problems. She stepped down in favor of her daughter Beatrix . With Wilhelmina ( abdicated in l948 ) there is a not too remote possibility of fall-out f (MORE)
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How did edward viii abdicate?

Resigned the throne in favour of his brother, when it was clear that his country would never accept Wallis as their queen. He said good-bye over the radio, and went to France (MORE)
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Why did Edward viii abdicated?

He fell in love with Walace Simpson an American divorced woman and the Church would not allow them to marry.
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Who abdicated to make the queen the queen?

Queen Elizabeth II had an uncle who abducated Edward VIII. Edward abducated because he wanted to marry a twiced divorced woman named Wallis Simpson. So therefore the crown wen (MORE)
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What is a example sentence for abdicate?

The king is pondering whether he should abdicate the throne. . I will abdicate this position because I want to retire.
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What does 'Abdication' mean?

"Abdication" is a word that means "a formal resignation and renunciation of power". It typically refers to a person who gives up their office willingly.
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What is an abdicant?

An abdicant is one who abdicates from a post. Abdicant can also mean to be deserting of one's duties.