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Is abec 5 or abec 7 better?

On the ABEC scale 7 is better but 5 is not the lowest. The scale numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, so a five would still be a good choice.
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Are abec 5 carbon bering's good?

they are rather basic. abec is a well known brand for mediocre but usable berings. the rating system is a way of categorizing the quality of their barings out of the manufa ( Full Answer )
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Is this a good skateboard set-up trucks Black core 5.0 bearings ABEC 5 speed bearings black diamond grip tape?

I can give you some guidance on the bearings.... What makes a good skate bearing? Abec rating? Lubrication? Seals? Cage/retainer? The answer is all of these. The problem is t ( Full Answer )
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Are SL Abec 3 bearings fast?

\nfirst see if a friend of you have those ABEC 3, And try them , if you dont like them or if nome if one if your friends nave one , i recomend you tobuy element or others fam ( Full Answer )
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Are SL Abec 3 Bearings good?

if you like to go slow then yes but if you like to go fast then no.
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What is better abec 7 or nine?

\ntruth fully they both suk\nso get bone reds they r good quality and are only 15 buks.
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Are abec 3 bearings good?

I've never had a good set of abec 3's. They are fast for about a day and they're shot. I would highly recommend blowing the money on some Bones Swiss . They last around 5 tim ( Full Answer )
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Are abec 7 bearings fast?

yes its the fastest for the the ABEC but you could get the swiss or ceramics but those start to get into the $100's so for the best cheapest bearings, i would get ABEC 7
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Is abec 9 the fastest bearings?

abec ratings are just a marketing scam. all bearings are pretty much the same its just the quality that's different i would go for a well known skate brand if buying some
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Should you put new abec bearings in your old skateboard wheels ive almost wrecked the old ones but i wondered if you can put them in some okay or should i getsome new wheels?

Yes, you shouldn't be replacing your wheels every time your bearings wear out. If your wheels are still good, just get a skate shop to pull the old bearings out and put new on ( Full Answer )
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Is abec 7 or abec 13 better?

yes the abec 13 would be better, but the abec official rating isonle 1,3,5 and 7 so technically abec 13 isn't an official rating
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Are Abec 7 speed bearings good?

I've heard from skate parks web site that most people think that abec are better with lower rating but higher ratings are usually better. It all really depends on the brand.
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Are abec 11 bearings real?

yeas ABEC 11 bearings are real. there for going realy fast on down hill events. they are mainly for skateboardes but you can use them on scooters aswell
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Are abec 13 scooter bearings real?

Some people may not think that Abec 13 bearings are real but they really are, you probably don't know 'cause they have only recently been brought out. And for the people that ( Full Answer )
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Are there abec faster bearings?

the swiss and ceramics are the most exspensive so they probably are the fastest but i would stick with ABEC 7 they work just as well
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What abec are k1 bearings?

it is an Australian type of bearing and is equivalent to abec9 bearings.. Read more:
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Are bones super reds better than abec 9 bearings?

By far they are better it cost up to $30 but if you are looking for the top one would be the Bones Swiss which are up to $50-80 depends where you look.
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Can you put abec 11 wheels on a Stella longboard?

Absolutely.. ABEC # is no more than an industrial grading system fot heat and load tolerances and really means nothing in skateboarding.. So many people think the higher the # ( Full Answer )