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What does abi mean?

What does abi mean when used in spoken Nigerian language? The word "abi", "shebi"and "shee" are used often in the South Western and other southern states in Nigeria. It ( Full Answer )
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Do you like the name Abi?

Yes, it is a lovely and beautiful name but that is my opinion others think the opposite Abi is a very beautiful name that is regularly used but has a deep meaning! Abigai ( Full Answer )
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What is the Unix ABI?

First of all ABI stands for A pplication B inary I nterface this describes: . data type size and alignment; . how parameters to function should be passed; . how retur ( Full Answer )
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How many ways can you spell abi?

Abby, Abi, Abbi, Aby, Abbie, and Abie - so that is 6 ways, and may be short for "Abigail".
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Who is abi Jones?

a girl from beach babes. u should buy their new single 'Hot and Cold'. It rocks!!!
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How do you write Abi in Arabic?

"Abi" is an Arabic word which, depending on context, can mean "myfather" or (in the genitive case) "father of". It is spelledalif-baa'-yaa'.
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Will abi play for England?

Dont be Silly. yess i know that she will :) gooooo abi! goooooo abi !
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Who is fadi abi nakhoul?

he is a lebanese plastic surgeon. he is found in lebanon, and he is very popular because of his great work.
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Are Dougie and Abi moving in together?

There has been loads of Rumors on whether they have or not but I dont Know if they are Moving in together or not.
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Translate abi from Turkish to English?

"Abi" can be used for an older brother or some other male who is older than you (but still pretty close to your age), like your sister's husband or an upperclassman at school. ( Full Answer )
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What is abi test?

The Ankle-brachial index (ABI) tests the blood pressure difference between your arms and your legs. It is used to find out if you have peripheral vascular disease. This dis ( Full Answer )
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Where does abi branning live?

With her parents - Max and Tanya. And her siblings - Lauren and Oscar. They live at 5 Albert Square.
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Who is abi miller?

she is an amazing dancer and a brilliant actress and shes taking me to the oscars
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Who is the best abi or ashleeee?

theyre not both the coolest! because abi is amazing, shes the best at everything, everyone wants to be her.. you know what i mean;)
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What is ABI studies?

ABI = ankle/ brachial index. It is a screen for vascular disease. The blood pressure is measured at the ankle and the arm (brachial artery) and the ratio calculated. Normal ( Full Answer )
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What is the Latin 'Abies Alba' in English?

'White fir" is a literal English equivalent of " Abies alba ." But that doesn't tend to be the most popular form of a common name for this European native tree. Instead, t ( Full Answer )
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What is the common name for Abies Alba?

"European silver fir" or "silver fir" may be common names for " Abies alba ." This large, sturdy tree is a European native. It prefers an altitude range of 500 - 1,700 met ( Full Answer )
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Is abi leaving eastenders?

Well, temporarily yes because she is goin way to study in a different country fOr 8 weeks but im not sure where she is going in real life!
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Who is Abi Gail Gilroy?

This guy was born on the planet norf. His hobbies include bird watching and shooting bottle rockets out of his ****
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What was Ophrah of the Abi-ezrites?

A city of Manasseh, 6 miles south-west of Shechem, the residence of Gideon (Judges 6:11 ; 8:27,32). After his great victory over the Midianites, he slew the captive kings (8: ( Full Answer )
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Is abi a bellend?

yes like actually she is an actual and total bellend and its funny because she's abi.
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What scrabble words end in aby?

3-letter words aby 4-letter words baby, gaby 7-letter words crybaby, hushaby, lullaby, mangaby, rockaby, sassaby, wallaby 9-letter words grandbaby 11 ( Full Answer )
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What did Ali ibn Abi Talib do?

Hazrat Ali (RAU) was one of the most distinguished, most loved, most respected and most honored Companions of the holy Prophet (SAW). The youngest and most loved daughter of t ( Full Answer )
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Where in Lincolnshire is the village of Aby located?

The village of Aby is located in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is approximately thirty-two miles east of Lincoln and eleven miles south of Louth.
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How did the English actress Abi Titmuss get famous?

She got famous by presenting a pornographic television show at Chanel Television X. She learned acting while she was a nurse. in March 2006 she made her London Theater acting ( Full Answer )
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Where did Abi Titmuss grow up?

Abi Titmuss grew up in Heckington, Lincolnshire. She is an English actress, glamour model and a nurse. She has also written books and made small appearances in movies.
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Iban for abi?

The International Bank Account Number or IBAN for an ABI code canbe found at the specific institution. These two codes areidentifiers for the different banks and accounts.
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What does abi mean in Indonesian?

abi is a term from arabian language, it means "father" in englishor "ayah" in indonesia
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What movie and television projects has Aby been in?

Aby has: Played Stephen in "Nayam Vekthamakkunnu" in 1991. Played Cadet Das in "Sainyam" in 1993. Performed in "Bheesmacharya" in 1994. Played Ajith in "Kidilol Kidilam" in 19 ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Abi - 2008?

The cast of Abi - 2008 includes: Febe Bakema as Mirthe Royce Bansropansingh as Radjen Whitney Franker as Abi Louk Hesemans as Uncle Jan Heero Hondelink as Baby Max Nezha Karim ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Abi - 2000?

The cast of Abi - 2000 includes: Jamal Ejlali Hassan Joharchi Shila Khodadad Azita Lachini Pourandokht Mahiman Behnaz Moharrer Mahdi Pakdel Bahram Radan as Arastoo Esmail Shan ( Full Answer )
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What does the medical abbreviation ABI mean?

ABI means ankle brachial index. It's a ratio used to assessperipheral vascular function by taking blood pressure at the armand at the leg.
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What has the author Abi Fattahi written?

Abi Fattahi has written: 'Maple V calculus labs' -- subject(s): Algebra, Calculus, Computer-assisted instruction, Data processing, Maple (Computer file), Problems, exercises ( Full Answer )