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How old do you have to be to get an aboration?

it depends where you are in the UK there is no age .my friend had a free abortion when she was 15 and her parents did not no nothing about it but if you are in a different cou ( Full Answer )
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Why is aboration bad for teenage girls?

Because a teenage body is still developing, pregnancy can put extra strain on the womans heart, making it work harder. The woman may not be mentally or physically strong enoug ( Full Answer )
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Can lesbians have intercourse after aboration?

what are you talking about? an Aberration is anything abnormal. an abortion is the intentional disruption of a pregnancy and involves the death of living matter- embryonic or ( Full Answer )
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If you take the aboration pill and im 24 weeks what will happen?

Fetal damage and you can bleed to death and the baby can be premature and is now at 6 months viable with around 50% chance of survival. When you come into the hospital they wi ( Full Answer )
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What is oral-aboral axis?

termed the oral, or anterior, end, and the other of which, called the aboral, or posterior, end, forms the rear end of the animal and may bear the anus. The main axis is hence ( Full Answer )
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What is a aboration like at 15 weeks?

You will be sedated after been given medicine to soften the cervix. They use tools and suction to remove the fetus and you can go home the same day if everything is fine.
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When having an aboration can the mom die?

Yes, it's a very slow, excruciating, and painful death. it happens about 30% of the time but it's kept private to save money.
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What is the meaning of the word 'aboration'?

The meaning of the word 'aboration' is 'wandering about and away from', from a physical location or perhaps from a thought in one's mind. It's standard spelling is 'aberratio ( Full Answer )