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Is AB an acronym?

Answer . yes it is short for Alberta a province in Canada and may be for other things as well
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What is ab?

Here are some possibilities: . The first 2 letters in the alphabet. . The abbreviation for abdominal muscles. . A blood type. . A nickname for people named Abner.
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What did ab do?

An ab is a way of working out. It involves body exercises that weretaught and practiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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How did Abe get the nickname honest Abe?

Because he returned everything that someone lost. Once he was a store clerk and a lady dropped a tea parcel and Abe traveled 6 miles to giv it back to the old lady.
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Who is Abe?

Abe is the short form for Abraham.
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How do you do ab on guitar?

Ab is an A flat note which you know so think of an A chord but you don't fret the high E string and than just play an A chord giving it a lower sound. in theory theres l (MORE)
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If GCF ab 1 then LCM ab ab?

LCM is the multiple of the highest power of prime factors in two or more numbers. Example: LCM of 9, 15, and 25 is 225 , which is the multiple of the highest power of prime f (MORE)
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Where is Edmonton ab?

obviously in Alberta stupid obviously in Alberta stupid Bottom Left corner of Canada
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What is ab initio?

It is Latin and it means: from the beginning. It is used in the context of literature, law and science.
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What is an ab?

Abs is short for abdominal muscles. Also abdominal means of thebelly.
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Were did Abe get kiled at how kiled Abe?

Abraham Lincoln was at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC with the First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln, watching a play titled "My American Cousin." Lincoln was shot in the back of th (MORE)
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Can AB get blood from AB?

Is there a hidden catch here somewhere? Yes, any blood type can get blood from the very same blood type.
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What is ab ab rhyme scheme?

The AB, AB rhyme scheme is usually used in sonnets, the kind of poetry form William Shakespeare used in many of his works like Romeo and Juliet, or MacBeth. AB, AB are word (MORE)
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AB Paterson What does the AB mean?

AB 'Banjo' Paterson was a famous Australian poet and writer (1864-1941). The initials AB stand for Andrew Barton Paterson .
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Who was Abe Doumar?

He invented the ice cream cone in the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. He's actually my great, great uncle, no joke.
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AB equals AB plus AB?

Yes an No. You can have blood type AB in following situations: AO+BO AO+BB AA+BO AA+BB AB+BB AA+AB AB+AB So there's more possible ways to get type AB other (MORE)
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What is ABS-plastic?

It is any of a class of plastics based on acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrenecopolymers.
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When was Abe are president?

He was the 16th president and he was OUR president 1861 to 1865. Two terms. And It's our not are
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Can AB donate to AB?

AB Can Only Donate to AB but can Receive blood from all others!
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Is -ab -ab -or- is -ab -ab?

this website doesn't allow the question to be posed correctly -strips all of the brackets