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What is ABS?

ABS stands for "Anti-lock Braking System". It is used on modern cars and vans to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle during hard braking. It works by not letting the ( Full Answer )
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Is AB an acronym?

Answer . yes it is short for Alberta a province in Canada and may be for other things as well
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What is ab?

Here are some possibilities: . The first 2 letters in the alphabet. . The abbreviation for abdominal muscles. . A blood type. . A nickname for people named Abner.
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What did ab do?

An ab is a way of working out. It involves body exercises that weretaught and practiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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How did Abe get the nickname honest Abe?

Because he returned everything that someone lost. Once he was a store clerk and a lady dropped a tea parcel and Abe traveled 6 miles to giv it back to the old lady.
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How do you get abs quickly?

, your question is little bit complex then you thinking if you want abs you need to work hard and its need to be long process. always remember the quote "what come easy ( Full Answer )
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What is ABS sensor?

ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brake System... The system gathers data through sensors called the ABS Sensors. These sensors detect the speed at which each tire is rotating thereby ( Full Answer )
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How do you do ab on guitar?

Ab is an A flat note which you know so think of an A chord but you don't fret the high E string and than just play an A chord giving it a lower sound. in theory theres l ( Full Answer )
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How do you grow abs?

Well, you already have abs. If you didn't, your guts would fall out. To develop your abs, eat protein and exercise them.
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If GCF ab 1 then LCM ab ab?

LCM is the multiple of the highest power of prime factors in two or more numbers. Example: LCM of 9, 15, and 25 is 225 , which is the multiple of the highest power of prime f ( Full Answer )
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How can you get your abs?

There are various different execrises for abs, the most common being situps. If you are a beginner, you should start doing 3x10 situps in a day. Don't forget to train your b ( Full Answer )
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Were did Abe get kiled at how kiled Abe?

Abraham Lincoln was at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC with the First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln, watching a play titled "My American Cousin." Lincoln was shot in the back of th ( Full Answer )
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Can AB get blood from AB?

Is there a hidden catch here somewhere? Yes, any blood type can get blood from the very same blood type.
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Where do you get abs?

Your abdomen. The part of your body where you get abs is in beetween the middle of your hips and a bit below your heart. There are 12 'ab' muscles in your body, however it ( Full Answer )
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Abs light on What is wrong with abs?

it could be that one or all of your sensors are faulty, it could be the abs relay is faulty or it could be the abs pump that is faulty ( or it could also be a fuse )
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What do abs do?

Abs ussually are simply used to show off fitness, but their use in tyhe body is to help posture and strengthen your back.
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What is ab ab rhyme scheme?

The AB, AB rhyme scheme is usually used in sonnets, the kind of poetry form William Shakespeare used in many of his works like Romeo and Juliet, or MacBeth. AB, AB are word ( Full Answer )
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What are abs or ab muscles or abdominals?

Abdominal muscles sometimes referred to as abs, or ab muscles, or six-pack abs, are paired, parallel, stomach muscles running vertically on each side of the human abdomen. The ( Full Answer )
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Abs is on what can you do?

That dosnt make sense. Go to a mechanic because your car needs tobe fixed. You asked this in the wrong category!
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AB Paterson What does the AB mean?

AB 'Banjo' Paterson was a famous Australian poet and writer (1864-1941). The initials AB stand for Andrew Barton Paterson .
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How do you lose abs?

By doing physical activities we can get flat abs. Cardio is good to lose abs, in cardio also especially crunches work a lot to reduce abs. With exercise fat free food is als ( Full Answer )
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Where is the ABS ECU?

The ECU for the ABS brakes is attached to the Master cylinder for the brakes.
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How can you get 6 abs?

There's no real secret to packing on muscle. Eat right, exercise, and do exercises specifically geared towards your abdominal muscles.
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Who was Abe Doumar?

He invented the ice cream cone in the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. He's actually my great, great uncle, no joke.
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AB equals AB plus AB?

Yes an No. You can have blood type AB in following situations: AO+BO AO+BB AA+BO AA+BB AB+BB AA+AB AB+AB So there's more possible ways to get type AB other ( Full Answer )
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Can women have abs?

Yes, woman can have abs too. It may not be as muscular and cut like men, but they can still have abs too.
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How do you get larger abs?

Muscle growth (muscle hypertrophy) generally happens, when you train a muscle with a low number of repetition and weight, so that it gets exhausted. The same goes for your abs ( Full Answer )
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How do you see abs?

You see abs by looking at ones stomach. Ab muscles show when a person has a low percentage of body fat.
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What do you have to do to get abs?

To get abs you should work out everyday, I am a dancer and I work out everyday doing non stop full sit ups, this may be hard as your stomach will be sore but beauty is pain. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get abs by eating?

You can't simply eat your way to abs. In order to obtain toned abs, you must first lose body fat. To achieve this, a change in diet must be made by eating healthier foods that ( Full Answer )
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How To get good abs?

I strongly recommend you buy "Hip/Hop Abs" and "Turbo Jam." They're the perfect workouts to get both great abs and a great figure. The music and moves are so fun that it doesn ( Full Answer )
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How do you exercise to get abs?

It is very simple to get abs all you have to do is V ups 50 times. V ups are really simple only your butt can touch as your go up and down!
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What are abs for?

Abs are there to support your body. They also help you breath. Your abs are the most important muscles on your body. With out them you would not be able to walk sit or stand.
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Is -ab -ab -or- is -ab -ab?

this website doesn't allow the question to be posed correctly -strips all of the brackets
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How can I get abs?

You can get abs by exercising. Many people like to do sit ups toget abs.