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My partner was pregnant 5 days before we had sex. her last period is a day b4 her pregnancy. but now she had give birth in time of 9 month from her 1st day pregnancy. what do you think abt my problem?

Sounds like something is messed up here. She's telling you she was already pregnant 5 days when you had sex with her(on the 6th day). And the last day of her period didn't sto (MORE)
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Is it necessary that you should select the subject for paper presentation only in which you are well versed in If yes what if you are versed in nothing How do you start collecting information abt thm?

Just like here on WikiAnswers, you are an expert on SOMETHING! You eat don't you? So write a presentation on eating! This opens up a whole vista such as things to eat, why you (MORE)
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What should you do when your boyfriend breaks up with you Its been rumored that he went back to his ex you found out he called your best guy friend because he was worried abt u how can u get him back?

Don't always believe what you hear, listen to rumours or participate in gossip. With that being said talk with your ex face to face and one on one to find out the truth as wel (MORE)
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What is Kloster Irseer ABTs Trunk?

It's a Beer wich is brewed in Irseer near Munich, Bavaria. With 12% of alcohol, it's pretty heavy. Is said to be tasting almost like liquor. Never tried it myself, though. It' (MORE)
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I am female height 5'4 and my weight is 125lb's. I am a beginner and I swim just about 500-600 meters a day. It takes abt half an hour for me to swim 500 meters. Will this help me reduce any weight?

Your weight is just fine for your height. Your BMI is at 21.5, which is in normal range. Swim to add muscle and toning. Answer Yes, swimming is a great way to lose weigh (MORE)
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I love a girl nd i think she 2 has a crush on me she keeps staring at me blushes seeing me touches my hand should i tell her how i feel abt her but the prob is she is already engaged yet she does it?

Don't tell her! Not yet. If she's engaged as in marriage then ur screwed but if it's just dating then wait till she breakers up. If she's sad from the almost inevitable breaku (MORE)