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Is acetamide polar?

I cannot find an exact figure for acetamide but itshould be strongly polar due to its functional groups (amine andC=O). Also, dimethyl acetamide is 6.5 polarity (polar and the ( Full Answer )
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Why Acetamide is much weaker base than methylamine?

Acetamide is a much weaker base compared to methylamine. This isdue to the electron withdrawing effect of the CO group, which makesthe lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen a ( Full Answer )
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Why benzamide and acetamide are neutral?

acetamide is derived from acetic acid and its NH2 group is electrondonating involved in docalization with carbonyl group C=O thisgroup withdraws the elctron pair of NH2 and in ( Full Answer )
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What do formamide and acetamide have in common?

They both fall under the Organic Functional Group "amide", meaning they both have a double bonded oxygen and a nitrogen + a hydrogen attached to a carbon.
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What is chemical equation when acetamide react with sulphuric acid?

Acetamide has a chemical formula of C2H5NO, and sulphuric acid isH2SO4. Their reaction is C2H5NO + H2SO4 C2H6NO + HSO4.Note however, that the conjugate acid of acetamide may ( Full Answer )