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What are superstitions about acorns?

Answer . - An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure long life - An acorn by the window will keep lightning out
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How do acorns grow?

Acorns are grown on a tree, when they get very hot they open up and let go of their seeds. That is why it is good to have fires around acorn trees so the acorns open up grow m ( Full Answer )
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Are acorns edible?

Yes, I eat them all the time when I'm in the woods (I'm serious.) They are kinda bitter though.
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What do acorns symbolise?

In some ancient cultures, including Norse folklore, the acornsymbolized good luck. It is a symbol of prosperity, power, youth.and spiritual growth.
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Who is Sally Acorn?

Sally Acorn is Sonic the hedgehog's girlfriend. Her full name is Princess Sally Alicia Acorn. She is SatAM, AoStH Christmas Blast, the American Sonic Comics, Sonic Spinball, h ( Full Answer )
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Is an acorn a producer?

No an acorn is not a consumer because it does not et things. It isa producer because animals eat them. An acorn is a producer because it will produce an oak tree giventhe rig ( Full Answer )
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When do acorns fall?

Acorns fall in the autumn, yet some of them start a bit earlier.. But mainly in the autumn.
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The Acorn People?

A book! about a collage boy who signs up for a summer camp who is put with handicapped children that he regrets but he end up liking them and its a good story
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Acorns as food?

Acorns can be used as food quite easily. As a plain roasted nut,they are extremely bitter. The roasted nuts are usually ground intoa flour analogue and used in breads.
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Where can you find acorns?

Acorns grow on oak trees and can be found all over the ground underneath oak trees especially in the fall.
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Where can you buy acorns?

You can buy acorns through ebay, craigs list or You may also find acorns at parks, golf courses or friends homes. People who have acorns in their yard ar ( Full Answer )
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What is a overcup acorn?

An overcup acorn is when the acorn is largely enclosed by the cap. The cap is the dark brown hat looking thing the acron is seated in. Check out the Wikipedia web page, for mo ( Full Answer )
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How do you sprout acorns?

I have had luck placing the acorns (making sure they don't have any holes from insects) in a ziploc bag, layered with damp paper towels, in the fridge. This mimics their natu ( Full Answer )
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How do you make acorn mush from acorns?

Previously, someone who has obviously never eaten anything acorn replied: "You add water and yeast. Not to much,not to little" This is meaningless and unhelpful, to be sure. A ( Full Answer )
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How does an acorn germinate?

I germinate California Oak Acorns in a 12" pot of seed raising mixture and keep it damp and warm. They usually germinate in about 2 to 4 weeks.
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How are acorns dispersed?

Animals either eat the acorn and expel them some distance from the tree when they go to the toilet. or they are stored underground by squirrels who ultimately forget one or tw ( Full Answer )
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What family is an acorn in?

An acorn is not an organism itself, but is the fruit of an OAK tree. Oaks are members of the Fagaceae family.
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What is acorn hospice?

Acorns Children'sHospice Trust is a registered charity, offering a networkof care and support to life-limited and life-threatened childrenand their families across the heart ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a job with acorn?

In order to get a job with acorn, you must believe this: You are not capable on your own. You are not bright enough. You are not motivated enough. You need us to help you ( Full Answer )
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What is the mass of an acorn?

to find out put a know amount of water in a glass then put in the acorn then see how much it measures then take the acorn and water - water= mass of acorn
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Is an acorn alive?

Yes an acorn is alive. I once left an acorn in a condensed bag and a few weeks later it had sprouted roots!!!!!!!!
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How do acorn reproduce?

The acorn, or oak nut, is the nut of the oak tree. It usually contains a single seed (rarely two seeds), enclosed in a tough, leathery shell, and borne in a cup-shaped cupule. ( Full Answer )
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What you can do with acorns?

The early CA native populations to use eat them. They would ground them, poor hot water over them to get the acid out, and then make them into a tortilla type of food and heat ( Full Answer )
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Why do acorns float?

Firstly, only bad acorns float. This is because they are not fully developed, rotten or have some type of infection. It you want to grow an oat tree use acorns that sink.
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Where can you sell acorns?

On a DS Game called Animal Crossing (with Tom Nook). Also, I used to trade acorns for rock, and rocks for paper at recess.
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Who Is Alicia Acorn?

Alicia Acorn Is Sally Acorn's Anti Form Like Sonic's anti Form is Scourge Alicia and Scourge dated until Scourge got back to his womanizing ways and moved on to Fiona Fox. ( Full Answer )
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Is an acorn a mineral?

An Acorn is a kind of nut that grows on oak trees. It is inedible to humans.
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How can you buy acorns?

you dont need to buy acorns because they are free. complements of nature unless you talking about animal-crossing in that case i dont really care.
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How did the Chumash get acorns?

they gathered them off the ground around oak trees becuse the ones that are still on the tree are not edeble
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What is the anagram of acorn?

The word acorn has two anagrams. Both of these words are: . Narco . Racon
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Are acorns evil?

Yes they are and they always have been. They are making there way around the world! You better watch out or they will come and get you.
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What do squirrels do with acorns?

Squirrels bury the acorns in the ground,making it grow so they haveenough food to eat with their family or themselves
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Is there cheese in acorns?

Acorns are the seeds of an oak tree, while cheese is a dairy product from milk. So acorns do not have cheese in them unless they have been stuffed by a cook.
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Where are the headquarters of Acorns?

Acorn International is a federation consisting of many community organizations from multiple different countries. The two main headquarters of Acorn International are located ( Full Answer )
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Is an acorn abiotic?

Abiotic means the absence of life or living things. An acorn doeshave life it is able to grow into an oak tree so it is not abiotic.