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What is higher Adjutant General or Major General?

Adjutant General is a position held by a general grade officer. Major General is a rank. The Adjutant General of the U.S. Army is a Lieutenant General which is higher th (MORE)
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What does adjutant mean?

It is someone who is an aide or assistant to a superior person. Such as a Lieutenant who assists a General.
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What is a church adjutant?

The Adjutants who serve in Church are usually the ones who assist Pastors and Bishops in their daily operation. Assisting with writing sermons, helping the Pastor get dressed (MORE)
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In the military if the adjutant is an NCO are officers required to follow his orders?

The Adjutant would not be an NCO. The NCOIC might have to fill in for the adjutant, for example, when the previous adjutant has been reassigned, and they're waiting on the rep (MORE)
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Adjutant in a sentence?

His naval adjuntant had himself seen how mercilessly the reds fought in the Baltic states in 1919.
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What is the definition of an adjutant?

The definition of an adjutant is assistant. In the military, an adjutant is a staff officer who assists a commanding officer with administrative affairs.
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What is an adjutator?

An adjutator is another word for an agitator, historically, a person appointed by the army to take care of them and look after their best interests.
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What is an adjutant stork?

An adjutant stork is another name for the marabou, a large wading bird native to Africa, Latin name Leptoptilos crumeniferus .
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What is an adjutant?

An adjutant is an assistant, a bird in the genus Leptoptilos, or a lower-ranking officer who assists a higher-ranking officer with administrative affairs.
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What is an adjutancy?

An adjutancy is the state or office of an adjutant, assistant, or helper.