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What is the English translation for Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus, which is the Irish National airline translates to 'Air Fleet' in English. A phonetic spelling for Irish "Aer Loingeas".
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What is AER?

Well, if you are talking about a video game, then aer is the source that powers blastia and can control everything around you. Aer can be dense, which may cause you to pass ou ( Full Answer )
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Aer there any cheats for roblox?

Yes there are numerous cheats on ROBLOX, PM bigboy5668 on ROBLOX for any and include what kind you want.
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How old aer the Jonas brothers?

nick is 15. he is 16 in September. joe has just turned 19 and Kevin is 20.
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Should you hold a rabbit from the aers?

Rabbits enjoy having their ears petted; however, NEVER use a rabbits ears as a way to restrain them or pick them up. This is very painful for the rabbit. If you are looking fo ( Full Answer )
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What color aer black bears?

Well, the name is almost self-explanatory. Black bears appear to be black or a very dark brown.
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Aer there Egg laing mammal?

Yes, there are two. They are the 'spiny anteater' - the 'Echidna', and the Duck-billed Platypus. They are both classed as mammals as they have hair covering their bodies (ra ( Full Answer )
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Words that have aer in them?

Some words that have the letters 'aer' in them are: . aerate . aerial . aerobic . aeronautical . chimaera
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Why aer they fighting in Gaza?

Because Isreali Armys Are Invaiding Gaza And Brutaly Torchuring And Murdering Inocent Mothers, Fathers And Even Children While The Gaza People Are Just Fighting For Their Live ( Full Answer )
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What aer CAD files?

Computer Aided Design - They are used on programs such as 2D Design or Solidworks.
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How do you perform Aer Lingus on your partner?

In these days that question is problematic, but it would have been relatively simple to answer before the turn of the century, when still engaged with Fokker 50s .
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How many poisonious snakes aer there?

In total, there are about 2,700 different species of snakes around the world. Out of these 2,700 species of snakes, only about 375 are considered to be poisonous and deadly.
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What is AER in banking?

Annual Equivalent Rate. This tells you how much you would have to pay in interest on a loan over the period of a year when you are quoted a rate per month, or how much interes ( Full Answer )
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What aer the 8 powers of a president?

As outlined in Article II of the United States Constitution, the President carries the following eight enumerated powers: . His primary duty (and thus why his branch is call ( Full Answer )
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Who aer Zeus' brothers and sisters?

i dont know all but i these are his brothers poiseden and hade poisden is the god of the sea and horses hades is the god of the underworld
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Who aer some sport heros in panama?

Irving Saladino (Olympic gold medal winner>athlete>long-jump) Mariano Rivera (baseball) Rod Carew (baseball) Roberto Duran (boxing) Rommel Fernandez (soccer) Julio Dely Valdez ( Full Answer )
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How aer CFIs diagnosed?

The most common finding in CFI x rays is soft tissue swelling, but the x rays may also reveal air pockets in deep tissues or the joint spaces, fragments of teeth, fracture lin ( Full Answer )
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What is aer ator?

Aerator injects air into liquids to up the oxygen content. AS in, aerator for your septic tank. Stirs/injects air into tank. Sediments settle and nearly pure water exits. Tank ( Full Answer )
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What aere the prime factors of 80?

5 and 2 because if you multiply 2 to the 4th power (2x2x2x2) you will get 16 then multiply 16 by 5 and then you will have 80. (2x2x2x2)x5=80
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What states aer surrounding Wisconsin?

Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, and Michigan to the northeast and east. Most of the eastern side of Wisconsin is on the shore of Lake Mich ( Full Answer )

What Aer three ways HIV can be spread?

Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. However, HIV that was present in blood that dried (+hours), is not transmittable.
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Why aer there masgots?

because they were made and given to his children.the children put them on their windowsilland they came alive .they called themselves wenlock and mandevile.they represent the ( Full Answer )
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What aer the effects of eating sperm?

None, unless the man has some sort of disease. sperm or semen as would be the case in oral sex is harmless and will have no effect on you whosoever.
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How aer fooks and miinerals?

Minerals are found in many food sources. Minerals such as calcium are found in dairy products such as yogurt and milk. Other minerals such as Magnesium are found in green ve ( Full Answer )
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What aer the effects of coumputer hacking?

personal disappointment, loss of data, can lead to any illegal consequences.. Every consequence will depend on the intention of the hacker....
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What does the acronym AER stand for?

The acronym 'AER' standards for 'Annual Equivalent Rate'. This is an estimate of the rate of interest a saver will receive on the balance of their savings account in a year, a ( Full Answer )
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What country is Aer Lingus based out of?

Aer Lingus is the national flag carrier of Ireland. It operates in Europe, North America, North Africa as well as Asia. The airline itself was formed in 1936 as a member of th ( Full Answer )
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When was airline Aer Arann founded?

The airline Aer Arann was founded in the year 1970. It was founded to create an island hopping air service between Galway and the Aran Islands. It has a fleet size of 14, and ( Full Answer )
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When was the airline Aer Arann founded?

Aer Arann is a regional airline based in Dublin, Ireland. The airline was founded in August 1970 in Galway. The airline has bases in Cork, Dublin and Shannon.
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What has the author Aeres Twigg written?

Aeres Twigg has written: 'The green hawk' -- subject(s): Fiction, Ghosts, Sports 'Owain Glyndwr (Cip Ar Gymru/Wonder Wales)' 'Yr Anthem Genedlaethol (Cip Ar Gymru/Wonder ( Full Answer )
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What has the author David Aers written?

David Aers has written: 'Culture and History, 1350-1600' 'Literature, language, and society in England, 1580-1680' -- subject(s): English literature, History, History and ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Elvi Aer written?

Elvi Aer has written: 'Baltic materials in the University of Toronto Library' -- subject(s): Bibliography