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What does aerie mean?

An aerie is a high refuge, like an eagle's nest . this means that you are rather cool, attractive, popular etc
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What animal would you see if you watched an aerie?

Answer . You would be watching a bird. An aerie is a nest perched in a high place such as a cliff. Birds such as eagles are most likely to have built an aerie.
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What is an aerie?

A huge cage that houses multiple birds of the same kind. Usually anaerie is outside
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Is there really an edition of Final Fantasy VII where Aeris lives?

No there isn't. There is no way to revive Aeris in any (unmodified) version of FFVII. It is possible to revive Aeris with a gameshark though. there was meant to be an alter ( Full Answer )
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In ff7 can you kill off Tifa instead of Aeris?

Why on earth would you want to? Aerith accomplished much more after death than she did while living.. Everyone are where they belong.
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How do you lock samsonite aeris?

The Samsonite Aeris suitcase does not come with a standard lock andkey. You must use a code to open it with. The code usually comeswith the suitcase when it is purchased.
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Did Cloud love Aeris?

To sum it up, it only really matters what you perceive but I thinkCloud loved her as a mother and nothing else. By the way, theMaiden Who Travelled the Planet short-story is f ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the icy aerie on dizzywood?

OK I HAVE ANSWERED ALL THE PREVIOUS QUESTIONS AND I AM FUSTRATED!!! To get to the Icy Aire u must have the key which is located in the chasm. The chasm is deep hole in whic ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find icy aerie in dizzywood?

You need to do the mission. On the side bar on the right click on Missions. Scroll down and look for the mission Find the crystal key to Icy Aerie. Click on it, and fall down ( Full Answer )
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Why didn't Cloud use a Phoenix Down on Aeris?

It wouldn't help further the story. Other than that probably because Cloud isn't that great and probably didn't think about it. Phoenix down technically is not something t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Aery Prabhakar?

Aery Prabhakar is an Author, Life Coach and Assertiveness Trainer from India, who conducts life transforming personal development seminars all over India and around the world. ( Full Answer )
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Who is aerie disher?

a doode i go to school with and he can be very mean i once pushed him off his desk in math class it was really funny
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Does cloud love tifa or aeris?

SE has confirmed in the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania that Cloud and Tifa are the canon couple.
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What are the names of of ALL Aerie bras ever?

I've been shopping at aerie since it opened and own most every bra type they've ever had. The ones that I can remember are... No longer in stores or Limited Edition*: Grace C ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of all aerie bras ever made?

I work at aerie. All I know is the ones that are current. There's; Ella Ella Gel Scarlet Emma Drew Maddie Paige Brooke Bridget Abigail Audrey Mia H ( Full Answer )
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Where is icy Aerie?

ok you go to the keyhole in prestos edge. look for the mission that says find the icy Aerie key or something like that. i don't remember where it is but when you find it look ( Full Answer )
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Where is aeris in Dragon Fable?

go to falconreach and click travel then click "aeris battlespire" and it will say underneath it something like pvp arena .
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Why did Aeris die?

To add a twist to the story line and because Sephiroth/JENOVA did not want Aerith to call down Holy, in which she succeeded.
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When in Final Fantasy VII Does Aeries Die?

Very close to the end of disc one after Sephiroth tries to control Cloud's mind to kill her himself. But Cloud snaps out of it and Sephiroth comes down from the ceiling and pi ( Full Answer )
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Is Aerie another store owned by Aeropostale?

No, Aerie is by American Eagle. Aeropostale does have Arie though. Aeropostale and Aerie are rivals. I personally don't have a favorite.
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Why did Aeries die?

Aeris was an ancient, or Cetra, and was the only one left alive who could activate the white materia. Knowing this, Sephiroth killed her. He failed, however, in killing her be ( Full Answer )
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Where is the icy aerie in dizzywood?

The Icy Arie is in the crystal keyhole in prestos edge. you'll need the key first you'll find it in the mission when the weather people are fighting.
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Where is the crystal key to icy aerie?

The key is at The Chasm. To get to the chasm, go to presto's edge and go toward Quill. When you are near him go to a hole and levitate (also the same when you walk over it)
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What music do they play in Aerie stores?

they play a lot of Florence and The Machine, Morningwood, Sara Barellies, MGMT and other artists that have that sort of sound.
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Does kadaj love aeris?

No. She was already dead by the time he appeared. For her part, it is seriously doubtful that she would like someone who wanted to turn into the person(?) who killed her.
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What is thre verification code for aeries?

To find out, you must ask the school office and provide information showing that you deserve to know (school I.D. etc...).
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How do you become an aerie model?

ok, first u are born, then you grow up, then u are pretty, they u bcome oober skinny, then u get an application, the u get the jxub, the u become a model!!:)
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What group of birds is an aerie?

A group of eagles is called an Aerie. An Aerie is also a high place for a bird of prey's nest.
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How do you use aerie in a sentence?

well a good sentence would be .... There in the tree and aerie is aproached up there.
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Who is the new blond model for Aerie?

its NOT Elsa Hosk but every place i look says it is but its not so please help some one i really want to know also
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How many campuses does Aeries have?

There is no college that has the word "Aeries" in its name. The term likely refers to the student Aeries system, which many colleges employ for student services.
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What is the meaning of the word aEris?

"Aeris" is the Latin word for air or sky. It is also commonly used as a first name for females. It could also be used as an alternate spelling for the name for the Greek god E ( Full Answer )