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Why is the universe ageless?

Some would say that it is not ageless, that it started with the Big Bang somewhere around 13 billion years ago. Of course, that doesn't answer the question of what was before ( Full Answer )
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What woman was cursed with agelessness because of refusing advances of a Greek god?

In the Movie "The Clash of the Titans" Io says that she was "cursed with agelessness" because she resisted the advances of Poseidon. This is 100% incorrect. Io was the lover O ( Full Answer )
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Can hair remain ageless?

NO. if that was possible people wouldn't have to dye their age once it starts turning grey
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Are the Cullen's from twilight ageless?

they are forever stuck in the age they were changed into a vampire. for example if i was 18 and i was changed in to a vampire i would be forever 18 :) (wish that would happen. ( Full Answer )
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Is Ageless Male testosterone supplement legitimate?

You can buy testosterone supplements over the counter or online. These don't contain testosterone but rather ingredients that help the natural production of testosterone in th ( Full Answer )
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Does ageless male really work?

Ageless Male has been shown to work in the lab and I think if you're an otherwise healthy man, it should work outside the lab as well. It is natural and will not overload your ( Full Answer )
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How Safe Is Ageless Male supplement?

Ageless Male is safe to take - it contains Vitamin B6, zinc and Testofen, a standardized fenugreek seed extract. Testofen has shown clinically-proven benefits for increasing t ( Full Answer )
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Does ageless male work?

Improving and increasing Testosterone works. Adding Testosterone by mouth is almost impossible. You dont EAT testosterone Your body makes Testosterone from Cholesterol.
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Where can someone purchase ageless makeup?

There are many cosmetic brands that offer 'ageless makeup.' Covergirl and Olay are two such cosmetic brand that offers a collection of 'ageless' products.
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What is instantly ageless?

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless cream is designed to be used wheneverthe user wants to instantly erase fine lines and wrinkles. ... Whenapplied to the skin, Argireline has the abil ( Full Answer )