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What does nah agh mean?

It sounds like the slang or street version of 'no', sometimes sounding like 'uh uh', or 'nuh uh'. It is a word some English speakers use without giving it a thought, and Engli ( Full Answer )
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What is the Armenian phrase 'agh-oo-hahts' in English?

" Salt-and-bread " is an English equivalent of the Armenian phrase " agh-oo-hahts ." Specifically, the noun " agh " means "salt." The conjunctive " oo " means "and." The no ( Full Answer )
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What shows are featured on AGH TV?

AGH TV features the paranormal show American Ghost Hunter and its derivatives, Russian Red Sky, Sky Wide Lies and Red Sky amongst others. It features a show called Truther as ( Full Answer )