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Who is Saint Agnes?

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Who is Agnes to God?

Agnus is the Latin word for Sheep, in French it is Agneau- ( Agnew is an obvious relative on the Mutton side- Nixon:s Veep). Agnus Dei means Lamb of God and refers to the sacr (MORE)
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Who is Agnes from 'Agnes of God'?

Meg Tilly played the part in the 1985 film. The plot is loosely based on an actual event that occurred at a New York convent in 1977.
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Agnes of god?

First of all it is something of a parody. there was a Broadway play with this title, and the Nun"s habits were not correctly drawn- some resembling the headgear of Pre-War I G (MORE)
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Who was Saint Agnes?

St. Agnes is from the story St. Agnes in Agony about a girl wholived in Rome, I had originally heard that she had refused torenounce her Christianity and was sentenced to a li (MORE)
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Who is agnes ringwald?

Anges Ringwald was a child survivor of the Holocaust.
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Who is Agnes Nanogak?

Agnes Nanogak of Victoria's Holman Island was one of Canada's major artists and the first Inuit artist to receive an honourary degree. She lived 1925-2001. Click link below (MORE)
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What was St. Agnes' miracle?

Miracles were not required for declaring a person a saint in the early years of Chrisitianity. The person would have been declared a saint by popular acclamation to a bish (MORE)
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Why did Agnes MacPhail did what she did?

Because she wanted women to be treated the same way as men were treated. She introduced women into politics and put them in the same level as men. Women today should look up t (MORE)
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How old is Agnes Bruckner?

Agnes Bruckner is 31 years old (birthdate: August 16, 1985).
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Did Agnes martin have any children?

No Agnes Martin did not have any children. Agnes Martin was mostknown for being a painter whose style of painting was abstractexpressionist.
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What did Saint Agnes do?

Saint Agnes was a young Roman woman who refused to sacrifice to pagan idols and lose her virginity through rape. For her refusal she was martyred. Suffering martrdom is a "fir (MORE)
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How was Saint Agnes' life as a child?

We know little about the life of St. Agnes of Rome, However at age 12 or 13 Agnes was ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods and lose her virginity by rape. She was taken to a Rom (MORE)
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Who is Agnes Macphail?

Agnes Macphail was the first women to be elected to the House of Commons in Canada. She was elected to the Legislative Assembly in Ontario