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Olympiakoi Agones what does it mean?

It means "Olympic Games" in the language of the country that spawned the games, a little over two thousand years ago, and revived them in 1896. The country of course being Hel ( Full Answer )
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What does the prefix agon mean?

The prefix agon means to gather or assemble something. There arenot very many words that use this prefix in the English language.
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How do you use agonize in a sentence?

People are agonizing about losing family to cancer, you can help by donating money to a cancer treatment center, there is no better feeling than helping to save someone's life ( Full Answer )
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What activities were there in the Ancient Roman Agon Capitolinus?

The Agon Capitolinus , or Contest at the Capitoline, had a variety of activities, including foot races, boxing, discus and javelin throwing, poetry contests (Greek and Latin) ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word agonize?

Bob agonized over the decision whether or not to become a live donor and give his uncle one of his kidneys
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How would you use agonize in a sentence?

To agonize over something is to deeply and constantly worry aboutit. An example of a sentence using the word would be: Mary knewthat she would agonize over the exam for the ne ( Full Answer )
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What are agonal gasps or agonal breath sounds?

Agonal sounds is an official medical term for what would unscientifically be called the "death rattle". While the sound is entirely different in both timing and form with eac ( Full Answer )
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What is the measure of one interior angle of a 21-agon?

Assume each side forms the base of an isosceles triangle with its peak at the center, so the entire figure is 21 triangles with their tips all meeting. The center has 360 deg ( Full Answer )
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What did Macbeth agonize after he kills Duncan?

he actually was kinnda scared about what he had done. had begun to see things and seem to be wipeing blood of his hands which seemed to never go away.
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What is agonizes?

To suffer over a painful choice. "She agonized over whether or not to tell her friend she had bad breath."
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What are Isogonic and Agonic lines?

Line joining the points of equal variation is known as Iogonic line and the line joining the points of zero variation is know as Agonic line .
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How do you use agonized in a sentence?

Agonized is an adjective. So if you were to use it in a sentence you'd have to direct it towards a noun which is a person, place or thing. E.G. Jenni was in agonizing pain ( Full Answer )
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What are all the agons in math?

There are infinitely many and it is not possible to enumerate them. Besides, most mathematicians would refer to n-gons for most integer values of n that are greater than 12 - ( Full Answer )
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What does the Latin word agones mean?

The Greek word agones is the plural of agon , meaning a competition, conflict, dispute, argument, athletic competition and so on.
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What were Peter and James and John doing while Jesus was praying and agonizing in Gethsemane?

A: According to Mark's Gospel, Jesus went with Peter and James and John to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus went to pray. His disciples, Peter, James and John, fell asl ( Full Answer )
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What is the angle sum of a 17-agon?

The exterior angles add to 360 degrees. The interior angles add to (17-2)*180 = 2700 degrees.
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Is brood a synonym for agonize?

To brood means "to contemplate with anxiety" or sometimes "worry" or "fret". To agonize means either . To suffer agony . To struggle ...unless we add "about" or "over" ( Full Answer )
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What is agonal respirations?

Agonal respiration is an abnormal pattern of breathing characterised by gasping, laboured breathing, accompanied by strange vocalisations and myoclonus.
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What are agonal gasps?

Is not normal breathing. It is a sign of cardiac arrest in someonewho doesn't respond
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How do you work out add-on agons with negative numbers?

You Should Always Start from the left and make your way to the right it is just like building a pyramid but you need to add the middle answer to the side answers and it will a ( Full Answer )
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What does Macbeth agonize over after he murders Duncan?

HEY GUYS READ THIS, we all need to come together to save tigers of the world if we don't the so call ones we call tigers are not going to be anymore I have donated ALOT of mon ( Full Answer )
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What is the abstract noun for agonized?

The word "agonized" is the past participle, past tense of the verb to agonize. The past participle of the verb alsofunctions as an adjective . The word agony is an abstr ( Full Answer )