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What does the prefix agon mean?

The prefix agon means to gather or assemble something. There arenot very many words that use this prefix in the English language.
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What is an agon?

\nAn ancient greek festival of music and athletics.
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Agonized in a sentence?

The U.S Army soldiers felt agonized after the battle.
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How do you use agonize in a sentence?

People are agonizing about losing family to cancer, you can help by donating money to a cancer treatment center, there is no better feeling than helping to save someone's life (MORE)
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What are agonal gasps or agonal breath sounds?

Agonal sounds is an official medical term for what would unscientifically be called the "death rattle". While the sound is entirely different in both timing and form with eac (MORE)
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What does agonizing mean?

Causing huge physical or mental pain. Example: the smell wasagonizing.
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What is agonizes?

To suffer over a painful choice. "She agonized over whether or not to tell her friend she had bad breath."
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What is the synonym of agonize?

torture, struggle, strain, worry, afflict, distress, hurt, disturb, writhe, pain
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What does the Latin word agones mean?

The Greek word agones is the plural of agon , meaning a competition, conflict, dispute, argument, athletic competition and so on.
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What is agonal respirations?

Agonal respiration is an abnormal pattern of breathing characterised by gasping, laboured breathing, accompanied by strange vocalisations and myoclonus.
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What does agonize mean?

To undergo great mental anguish through worrying about something.
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What are agonal gasps?

Is not normal breathing. It is a sign of cardiac arrest in someonewho doesn't respond
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What is million-agon?

It is a million sided polygon which would almost resemble a circle.