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What is the Origin of the word aisle?

15th century: late Middle English ele , ile , from Old French ele , from Latin ala 'wing', akin to Old English eaxl shoulder, Latin axis. The spelling change in the 1 (MORE)
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Where is the aisle of a church?

The aisle of a church is where the pews separate. There should beenough room for people to walk around and find seats comfortably.
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Who walks the bride down the aisle?

In an ideal situation the father of the bride. Ultimately whoever the bride wants to give her away.
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What rhymes with aisle?

bile, dial, file, guile, I'll, isle, mile, Nile, pile, rile, smile, style, tile, trial, vile, while, wile
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What does aisle mean?

An aisle would be a path between a set of objects. Such as the walkway between rows of chairs in a movie theater is an aisle.
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What is the aisle width for warehouse racking?

Aisle width is the space between racking aisles. The aisle width is set depending on the required working space for an forklift operator to work safely. Here are some commo (MORE)
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What is a shopping aisle?

a shopping aisle is like a hallway. its usually at least 6 feet long. usually a shelf on each side. most have more than 3 shelves on each shelf then at least 3 items on eache (MORE)
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What is an aisle violator?

an aisle violator is one of those things that shoots out from the shelf in the grocery store. generally they have like a special advertised price or something like '50% off (MORE)
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What is the homophone for aisle?

I'll and isle are homophones for aisle. "I'll" is the contractedform of :I will." Example: I'll be home for Christmas. "Isle" is avery small island. Example: Some of the most (MORE)
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Aisles and corridors should have?

wow your English sucks but I'll try and answer anyway a corridor is like a hallway right so it should have a ceiling floor and at least two walls a aisle just has to have (MORE)
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What is exile aisle?

In a crossword, that's Elba. As a Hink-Pink, that's a rhyming word pair that means a place to shop for ex-dictators.
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What is the plural possessive of aisle?

The spelling aisle is singular. The plural is aisles and the plural possessive is aisles' (e.g. The store changed all of itsaisles' numbers to eliminate duplication. )
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How do you pronounce aisle?

It is pronounced the same way you would say "I'll", as in "I'll (aisle) go shopping later today".
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What is an aisle in a church?

It's the same thing as an aisle in the movies, the space between the seats, which are often called pews in a church. The aisle is where the people walk.
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How do you spell aisle?

That is the correct spelling of "aisle" as a path in a store or a church. The homophones (sound-alike words) are isle, meaning island, and I'll, the contraction for I will . (MORE)
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What is Gaelic for aisling?

"Aisling" is in Irish "Gaelic"; it means 'a vision'; it is used as a feminine name.
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What aisle is peanut butter in?

Peanut butter is generally in the dry goods/baking isle. It can often be found in a section next to jams and jellies, too.
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What is the definition of a width of aisle?

An aisle is a walkway between two seating areas in a church, movie theatre or some such building. The width of the aisle is the distance from the seats on the left hand side t (MORE)
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What sentence can you use for Ill and aisle?

If you mean then it could be something like: I'll walk down the aisle of the church. If you mean ill, then it could be something: The bride was feeling ill as she walked do (MORE)
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What does aisling mean?

Aisling is a girl's name with Gaelic or Irish origins. It means dream or vision. It refers to a genre of Irish poetry that was popular in the late 17th and 18th century. It (MORE)
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Where can one purchase aisle runners?

One can purchase aisle runners by going to the Davids Bridal website. The website has a number of wedding items that are for sale, including aisle runners.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Aisle to Aisle - 2005?

The cast of Aisle to Aisle - 2005 includes: Chad Bring as Sacker Eric Dwight as Cashier Elon Floyd as New Guy Catherine Giles as Ex-Girlfriend Christi Koch as Grocery shopper (MORE)
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What has the author Aisling O'Beirn written?

Aisling O'Beirn has written: 'Or so I'm told' -- subject(s): O'Beirn, Aisling, Themes, motives, Anecdotes 'Urban projects'
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What has the author Aisling Barry written?

Aisling Barry has written: 'Export marketing strategies in the Irish clothing industry' -- subject(s): Clothing trade, Management, Marketing, Export marketing
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What has the author Aisling Foster written?

Aisling Foster has written: 'Safe in the kitchen' -- subject(s): Fiction, Married women, Women revolutionaries 'The First Time'
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Is aisle an adjective?

No, it not. The word aisle is a noun (path, walkway), although itis used as a noun adjunct in terms such as aisle seat .
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Is it aisleway or aisle way?

The word 'aisleway' or 'aisle way' is an informal compound noun as a word for an interior passage in a buildingor a vehicle; a word for a thing. Either form is correct.