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How cool is AKA?

Answer . \nAKA is a band out of El Dorado arkansas. They thrive on a local following. They're VERY cool.
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Who is Lawrence..aka marshall?

Are you asking about Marshall Lawrence? If so,. Marshall Lawrence was born in 1956, north of the 54th parallel in Canada, in a cabin in the woods. Ten years later, rock n' ro ( Full Answer )
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What does aka stand for?

Aka stands for "also known as." It is used to indicate stagenames, nicknames, and screen names. Example: The wrestler Cody Runnels, aka "Cody Rhodes." It is also used for col ( Full Answer )
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What does aka mean in Japanese?

赤 【あか】 aka means "red." Much less commonly it could also mean "dirt, grime, filth" (垢) or "bilge water" (淦).
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What is Ball Jacket aka condum?

A condom is used to capture sperm which is released during a mans ejaculation, during intercourse and this prevents pregnancy from occurring. A condom also has the added benef ( Full Answer )
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Aka Key Competencies?

Key competencies are the basic skills an job applicant needs inorder to apply for a job. The successful candidate will be expectedto perform these competencies once hired.
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How do you become an aka?

AKA = Also Known As. So you must have used a name different from your original name at some point for this to apply. Sometimes this is used with a persons title or job descrip ( Full Answer )
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Where is Amy Dumas aka Lita?

Amy Dumas retired from WWE and is now doing work with her band The Luchagores.
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What are the requirements to become a aka?

start growing bluegrass and call Osama Bin Ladin. there's an envalope in ur mailbox, i wouldn't open it if i were you!wrong answer did you read the question(different person)
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Is Michelle Obama an honorary aka?

yes, she was named an honorary member at the aka Boulez in Washington dc a few yrs go
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Do akas have brothers?

The only sorority that "truly" has brothers is Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc., as they are consitutionally bound with Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. However, the ladies of Alpha ( Full Answer )
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Who is izzy aka ''e-scope''?

\nIzzy aka "E-Scope" is a character from the series Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. She is the crazy member of the cast, often doing outrageous stunts and treating ( Full Answer )
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Does Fred aka Lucas have siblings?

yes, he has 2 brothers and 5 sisters, 8 in total (inc him): Maria Emily Stephanie Lucas Allie Kayla Ethan Jacob
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What is the meaning of the aka crest?

A.K.A. = Also Known as. In this case A.K.A. does NOT mean also known as but it stands for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. You can find some information online but most likel ( Full Answer )
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What is the Rune for Fenfir aka Sigil?

ok.first of all are you talking about sigils for spirit shields or what?? well anyway, sigil's come in a couple kinds here are a few: Elysian sigil, spectral sigil, arcane sig ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between 'aka' and 'alias'?

"AKA" refers to another legal name by which a person is known - or has been known as - such as a woman's name before marriage, or a man's name without the use of a middle init ( Full Answer )
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Can you eat a aesculus aka buckeye?

You can eat some species of buckeyes but most have poisons in them that do not boil off. Only a fool or an expert would try to eat them.
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Where does Fred aka Lucas live?

He lives in Nebraska. I don't know the exact town, though. And he doesn't actually live in Shelby, Idaho like they said on iCarly (obviously)
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Who are AURA3 aka The Torkwenches?

AURA3 is a female, acoustic trio of singer-songwriters originated in 1991 by Dodi Shore, Marilyn Ingram and Nancy Smith of the Winston-Salem, NC area. The group was be ( Full Answer )
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What is known as the aka womb?

I dont know what u mean by womb but aka means also known as like nicki minaj aka the barbie see btw not tryin to be mean and all but ask teachers or look it up in the dictiona ( Full Answer )
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How do you use aka in a sentence?

The term 'aka' is an acronym for 'also known as'. Example sentence: Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
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What is your aka name?

An aka name is supposedly what someone is known as or their nickname, because aka stands for also known as. People might label others so they are also known as some other nick ( Full Answer )
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Who is MsTwix aka GhettoBarbie?

A known beautiful female rapper in Florida that has a unique and different style. Look her up on Google!
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Can you be christian and pledge aka?

I am a devoted church going saved Christian and also a proud active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated yes you can be to
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What is the aka?

This shadow body is called the aka. The aka is like a pattern or blueprint that connects the three selves. It has a sticky and stretchy quality that allows it to form connecti ( Full Answer )
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How do you use aka?

AKA stands for 'Also Known As' which is used after a name to indicate any other aliases or nicknames.
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What does aka mean in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, the name Aka means- affectionate. Also it can be a name for a girl.
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What does brb aka and lol mean?

Brb means be right back, Aka means also known as, and lol means laugh out loud.
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Who is Jonas aka jay stunna?

His real name is Jonas Saintilus .He's a rapper from Florida that has been raise in ft lauderdale. He was born in Haiti in December 11 1991 . He attended Boyd h Anderson high ( Full Answer )
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Is aka acceptable in scrabble?

Neither commonly used Scrabble dictionaries recognize AKA as a word. However, I have read recently that some of the scrabble copycat games may be allowing use of selected acro ( Full Answer )
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Is flavor alive aka nabania?

Yes he is he made some 2014 song so how could be dead does thatmake sense to you flavour is buff(good lucking)I love him so muchand I'm proud his igbo because I am may God ble ( Full Answer )
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Is Synthroid aka levothyroxine a stimulant?

It is not technically classified as a stimulant such as the amphetamines. It can, however, have many similar effects, especially in high doses.
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Is Danny aka the count gay?

obviously. he admits it in S2 E7, "Danny's closet is chuck full ofnuts... hairy nuts!"
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Is aka A noun?

No, AKA is an acronym for "also known as", which functions as a verb phrase ; the verb 'known' modified by the adverb 'also', followed by a prepositional phrase 'as...'.