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What does AK stand for?

AK = Alaska (it's the letters used to represent the state) - they call the collection AK because it is meant to represent that the kit in that collection can survive extreme c ( Full Answer )
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What is chong-ak?

Chong-ak refers to the music of the ruling class and literati of the Choson period. It is characterized by subdued melodies and a very slow formal tempo as befits the Conf ( Full Answer )
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What is an AK-47?

AK-47 is the Western designation of the Soviet assault rifle designed by Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. The Soviet Union never used 47 in the name calling the rifle simply A ( Full Answer )
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How do you aks a guy out?

Asking a person out can be fairly easy. First, get to know theperson and become friends. Then, ask them to do something fun, likegoing to the movies, or a carnival. Gradually, ( Full Answer )
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What does AK stands for AK-47?

It is Russian, not speaking Russian i wouldn't be able to spell or pronounce the words, but i know the meaning. AK means 'Kalashnikov Rifle' Kalashnikov being the surname of t ( Full Answer )
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What is a ak 47?

It is a Russian made rifle used mostly by The Soviet Union and is the most popular rifle in the world. The techincal "brother" of this gun is the SMG Ak-74u ^Too much call o ( Full Answer )
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Who is the AKE?

AKE is an abbreviation of "Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange." The AKE is a group of people working to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. T ( Full Answer )
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What an ak-47?

it is an Assault riffle made by a Russian man names Mikhail Kalashnicov and it is called by the guns full name Automatic Kalashnicov 47 i think though 47 is the year it was ma ( Full Answer )
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What is sog ak?

Sog-ak is a Korean style of music that is played by the lower class Koreans. Chong-ak is the music that the upper-class play. There are alot of mini genres inside sog-ak ( Full Answer )
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What is sog-ak?

So-gak (also known as minsogak) is a category of Korean musicassociated with the lower classes. It includes Korean genres suchas Pansori (story-telling) and Minyo (folk)
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What is ak 47?

An AK-47 is an assault rifle used by poor nations because it is cheap and easy to manufacture. the acronym AK-47 stands for Automatic Kalashnikov 1947.
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What is AK abbreviated for?

The question being a bit vague there are two answers that I can think of. 1) AK = Avtomat Kalashnikova, or Automatic Kalashnikov, if you are referring to the AK47 assault rif ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get an AK-47?

AK-type rifles can be bought at gun shops and gun shows wherever not prohibited by law. Another good source is online firearm dealers and auctions. Their prices are sometim ( Full Answer )
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Who is ak peer?

Full namesMr Abdul Kader "AK" PEERSynopsisFounder & Chair & Chief Executive: LA Group Ltd (subs: Skye Products (Pty) Ltd);Date of Birth11/01/1952Country of ResidenceSouth Afri ( Full Answer )
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When was the AK invented?

M.T. Kalashnikov started work on his design in 1945. The rifle was presented for trials and accepted into service based on the results in 1947. The rifle was assigned the i ( Full Answer )
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What does AK mean?

It is the US postal abbreviation for the state of Alaska. In firearms, it means " Avtomat Kalashnikova " (assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov), notably the AK-47 ( Full Answer )
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What is AK in AK-47?

AK stands for Автомат Калашникова (Avtomat Kalashnikova) meaning 'Kalashnikov Automatic' - Sgt Mikhail Kalashnikov was th ( Full Answer )
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Why is AK-47 called AK-47?

AK stands for Автомат Калашникова, pronounced "avtomat kalashnikova". It means "Kalashnikov's Automatic [rifle]". The ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a ak-47 and a ak-74u?

AK-47 is an assault rifle with larger rounds, excellent range, medium firing rate and fairly accurate; the AK-74u is an SMG (sub machine gun) that is really a smaller version ( Full Answer )
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What is an AK-474?

An AK-47 is a gun which is a selective fire, gas operated 7.62mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1940s. The AK stands for втР( Full Answer )
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Who mad the first AK-47?

Mikael Kalishnikov (i think spelling is right?? lol) designed the AK-47 in 1947 in russia.
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How do you load an AK-47?

Load cartridges into the magazine, lock magazine into magazine well, draw back bolt and release.
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Is there such gun as ak 55?

The AK55 was the AK47 rifle, manufactured under license in Hungary from 1955 to 1963.
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What does the stamp AK 18KT mean?

i have i ring with two different colours gold on it but it just marked mb is it gold
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What is a head ake?

First of all, you spell it like headache. A headache is when your head hurts.
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How do you spell ake?

There are two related words: ache - a pain achy - feeling pain or discomfort
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Where can you get an ak 47?

There's plenty floating around Africa, thanks to the Soviets, Chinese, and Americans pumping the country full of them during the Cold War. Other than that, we can assume you w ( Full Answer )
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What does aks stand for?

Automatisches kupplungssystem (German) Automatic clutch system invented by Mercedes. It couples a standard 5/6 shift transmission with aa automatic clutch. The driver still ne ( Full Answer )
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What does AK mean in AK-47?

It literally stands for "Avtomat Kalashnikova", but in English is generally accepted to be "Automatic Kalashnikov". The 47 indicates its year of introduction, being 1947.
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What is aks?

Folding stock AK-47/AKM/AK74/Krink/ the s just means folding stock, S-Folding Stock N-Night Vison U-Shortend ie Krinkov M-Modernized
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How can you get a man to aks you out?

Well, try dropping some subtle hints if you want him to "aks" youout. "Aks" yourself, what do we have in common, how can I strike upa conversation about those things, and is t ( Full Answer )
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How far is whitter AK from anchorage AK?

60 miles This is the route: . Take AK-1 SOUTH (towards SEWARD), from Anchorage, to PORTAGEGLACIER HWY to WHITTIER; turn left onto Portage Glacier Hwy. . Take Portage Glaci ( Full Answer )