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What is albinoism?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nPeople with albinism have little or no pigment in their eyes, skin, or hair (white skin, hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes and pale blue eyes or pale (MORE)
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Are you albino?

Being albino only means a lack of pigment in skin, fur, and other parts of the body. An albino animal will have red irises in their eyes, as that's the lowest energy lightform (MORE)
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How do albino turtles become albino?

Any animal can be albino and they are born with it so they dont just wake up one day and say hey im albino no they're born with albinoeness :). lol nice answer
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How do you get to be albino?

dont go out in the sun, dye all your hair white, and get pink contacts :) (you can get contacts even if you have 2020 vission.
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How do you get albino?

You found a person or animal, who is totaly white. This is genetic disorder in which melanocytes are absent in the basal layer of skin of the individual. It is probably 'Natur (MORE)
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How do albino squirrels become albino?

Albinism is caused from a genetic mutation. So albino squirrels do not "become" albino, they are born that way.. albi'no (-bi'-) n., pl. -nos individual lacking normal c (MORE)
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Will your baby be albino if the mother is albino?

Hello, Ms or Mrs I am albino. I am a female. Your answer is, Not necessarily there is a 50/50 chance if you are without the jean which you might want to get your blood checked (MORE)
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If an albino and a non-albino gecko mate will they offspring be albino?

you have a 99% chance of the gecko coming out naturally colored. The albino gene for all animals is recessive. That means that both the mother and father would have to have th (MORE)
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How can you get albino?

If the cell is not colored when you come out you will have no color
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Will the baby be albino if the mother is albino?

Not necessairly the baby could be born with or with albinism even if both parents have the trait there still is a one and four chance of conceiving a albino child
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What is an albino lemur?

Its a type of primate that's from Madagascar and it's born without pigmentation (white).
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Are there albino elephants?

You could find an albino almost everything , if you look hard enough. Albinos tend not to live long in the wild though.
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Can you get an albino crocodile?

Yes, they do exist, but most if not all are under protection of humans. You would be lucky to see a wild albino crocodile, as they die very quickly out there.
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Can you get albino freckles?

Regular freckles are spots of extra pigment in the skin. If forsome reason you get less or no pigments, like in scars or a smallpatch of Vitiligo, that'd be an "albino freckle (MORE)
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Who is an albino?

A person or animal that had a mutatino in its birth and is skin is white and hair is white and eyebrows r white but some dont haveceyebrows and there eyes r red
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Can albinoes drive?

Yes, albinoes can drive. They are just like any other human being, except that they look whiter than other people.
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What is an albino raccoon?

a type of procyon genus animal that's white and has no mask on itsface, other than the common raccoon and the crab-eating raccoon
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Can tiger be an albino?

Yes the white Bengal tiger is the albino version of the Bengal tiger. However this species is common unlike most albinos.
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Will your baby be an albino if father is an albino?

Well it depends if the mom is albino if she us then the baby has a probability of being albino and if there is a recessive gene in ur family for albino then there is an even g (MORE)
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Are albino Dobermans really albino?

No, they are call Blue Doberman Pinschers. Just like when you see grey or grey and white Pit Bull Terriers, those aren't called 'grey' but Blue or Blue-nosed. Dobermans typic (MORE)
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How can you be albino?

Buy geisha fondation, where's it's almost white, and fill up a tub with it. If you can't afford that, use white paint but that will be a little harder to drain. Then, jump in (MORE)
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Am I albino?

Albino is a rare condition that causes color not to appear in people. You would be albino if your hair and eyebrows were an off white, you were very pale, and in some cases go (MORE)