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What is Cecil Aldin most famous for?

Cecil Aldin was a British artist who was very well-known for his paintings and sketches of sports, rural life, and animals. He illustrated stories of popular writers such as R (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Aldin Tucic been in?

Aldin Tucic has: Played Dado in "Price iza diskrecione linije" in 2012. Played Aron in "Halimin put" in 2012. Played Seka Reuf in "Patriot" in 2013. Played Seka Reuf in "Dragi (MORE)
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What has the author Cecil Aldin written?

Cecil Aldin has written: 'Cathedrals of England' -- subject(s): Cathedrals, Abbeys 'An artist's models' 'Old inns' -- subject(s): Hotels, taverns, Description and travel (MORE)