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What is the scientific term for alginate?

The scientific term is that it is a macromolecule of alginic acid & its sodium salts. The basic moiety is sodium-polymannuronate.. You can find more information here: http (MORE)
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What are the Solvents of sodium alginate?

Water (deionized) dissolves sodium alginate (slow in cold water, faster in hot, but it is not very easy to dissolve, it may take days of constant stirring). Sodium alginate (MORE)
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How are sodium alginate beads formed?

im not 100% sure bout this..but you can use it as a guideline... . first,prepare a beaker,mix together the sodium alginate and enzyme,for example phosphatase..(not sure abo (MORE)
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Which foods contain alginate?

desserts, milkshakes, dairy products, canned foods, frozen foods, salad dressings, cake mixes and meringues. also some kitchen and bathroom products I was surprised to fin (MORE)
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Uses of sodium alginate?

I use it to make molds of objects so that I can cast them later. For instance, Mixing alginate with water will create a thick toothpaste like consistency. While the substance (MORE)
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Sodium alginate cold mold seal quality?

dear sir using blue liquid of sodium alginate in form of 20to 25grms powder in one litre water for isolant unfor tunately only after 25to30days it is analyzed and becomes sedi (MORE)
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What are alginate dressings?

These are derived from brown seaweed and contain calcium alginate, which turns into a sodium alginate gel when it comes in contact with wound fluid. They are available as pads (MORE)
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What is formula for sodium alginate?

The formula of the 'mono-sodium alginate' monomere is NaC 6 H 7 O 6 [ It is a linear copolymer with homopolymeric blocks of (1-4)-linked β-D-mannuronate (MORE)
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Is sodium selenite the same thing as sodium alginate?

No. Sodium selenite is an inorganic salt with the formula Na 2 SeO 3 containing the elements sodium, selenium, and oxygen. Sodium alginate is an organic ionic polymer contain (MORE)
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What is alginate acid used for?

Alginate acid is used in preparation of medicines like Gaviscon, Bisodol, Aslione. They are used for making prosthetics, life casting and dentistry, for thickening soups and j (MORE)