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How does a come-along work?

A come-along is a ratchet devise used for pulling or lifting. The short cable is used to secure the come-along to a beam or post and the long cable is used tie on to the load (MORE)
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What does alonge mean?

Allonge is from French allonger, "to draw out". Essentially, it isa sheet of paper attached to a bill to accommodate furtherendorsements when the original bill is full.
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Is there a read-along for The Landry News?

No because i checked alol over the inernet to find this freakin' thing, but it was for a report, so i had to find a read-along. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (MORE)
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What is meaning of 'prod along'?

To 'prod along' means 1) to take a long, long time to do something, as in 'He was prodding along with the chores', and 2) to walk very slowly. Do NOT confuse prodding along (MORE)
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What is a pass-along rate?

Estimating the number of people who read a magazine without buying it. . G. Belch, and M. Belch 2007, Introduction to Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Com (MORE)
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What Tense is 'I have understood you all along'?

The verb in the given sentence, "have understood", is in its present perfect tense. The sentence itself does not have tense, which is a property of verbs only.
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Is 'along' a noun?

No the word along is not a noun. It can be a preposition and anadverb.
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What is a sing-along bar?

It's the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the lyrics to the song u want to sing
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What does alonger mean?

Alonger means going with one or more people with you to somewhere.
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Do Gemini and Virgos get alonge?

Gemini and Virgo Horoscope Compatibility Relationship Gemini's are outgoing while Virgo is introspective. They can talk to each other for hours on end. However, Gemin (MORE)