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Who is Amy Andrews?

Answer . Amy Andrews is a fictional author of romance stories. She has another book coming out. Here is her website where you asks people to contact her:. http://www.amyan ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy Lee?

Amy Lynn Lee now known by her married name Amy Lynn Hartzler, is the Lead Singer, Pianist, and more of Evanescence which she co-founded in 1998. Born to a John Lee who was a D ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy winehouse?

Amy Winehouse was a famous singer who won plenty of awards for her intellegent singing! She had black hair and always used to wear a bee hive on her head if you know what that ( Full Answer )
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Where is Amy Lee from?

Brighton, England. If you talk about Amy Lee from evanescence she comes from Little Rock, Arkansas
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How do you get an Amy Chao?

well unless you have action replay you cant get her. BUT you CAN get a look alike! or if you have the PC version. i will give you a link for the PC version for Amy, tails, knu ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Amy chao?

u get a red chao stick a pink egg on its head give it 2 bunnys get its stamiana up and wait a long time
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What is ami?

The most likely meaning is "to me" assuming that you mean "a mí" and not ami. In French 'ami' means 'friend'.
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Who is Amy Diamond?

Amy diamond was a name once concieved but never used by a student journalist,derived from The Diamond newspaper in Victoria
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How do you get a Amy chao?

well unless you have action replay you cant get her. BUT you CAN get a look alike! or if you have the PC version. i will give you a link for the PC version for Amy, tails, knu ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy Thomas?

Amy Thomas is 13 and lives in Fredericton NB 2008 her birthday is June 9th
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What does AMI mean?

Its a Hebrew boy name but it means My country, my nation. . Source(s): . I speak Hebrew .
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Who was Amy Johnson?

Amy Johnson was an English aviator, or aviatrix, born on 1 July 1903 in Kingston upon Hull, England. She became the first woman to fly from England to Australia. On 5 May 1930 ( Full Answer )
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Is it mon amie or ma amie?

It is 'mon amie'. It should be 'ma', because 'amie' is there a feminine, but for the sake of pronounciation, 'mon' is substituted. (if not, you would have two vowel sounds fol ( Full Answer )
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Who was Amy Carmichael?

A Christian missionary who devoted her life to helping poor kids in India.. A Christian missionary who devoted her life to helping poor kids in India.. A Christian missionar ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Amy in grandchase?

To get Amy, You have to either purchase the cash Amy mission, or GP one, which is hard. In GP mission, you have to go Temple of Cuatal and Xenia Border a lot. But in cash miss ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy hwang?

Amy Hwang is the sister of kennocha, and the daughter of the Queen nine tailed fox
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Who is Amy in if you seek Amy?

I don't believe there is an actual "Amy". The phrase is a play on words. It's Britney's way of telling off the press, public detractors, etc. "If you seek Amy" is actually her ( Full Answer )
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What is do you seek Amy?

It is a song by britney spears except it is called if you seek Amy I hope this is the answer you were looking for.
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Who is Amy Duggar?

Amy is Jim Bob and Michelle's niece. Her mother is Jim Bob'ssister. Amy is the cousin of Josh, Jana, John David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger,Joseph, Josiah, Joy Anna, Jedidiah, Jerem ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy Jackson?

Amy Jackson was a 21 year-old, Oxford based conceptual artist when she entered Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack on 3 January 2008.. Amy Jackson reached the final and came third ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy Hill?

American actress Amy Hill, was best known for her roles as Mrs. DePaulo in That's so Raven.
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Who is Amy blakemore?

She is a photographer. "Amy Blakemore (b. 1958) is renowned for her deceptively simple photographs of friends, family, and local landscapes. Her images, featured here for the ( Full Answer )
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Did sonic and Amy did it?

maybe they did...... maybe they didn't....... who knows what they've been up to?(go on tghe internet and find out for yourself!!!)lol
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Who is Amy in Sonic?

Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog who knew she had a destined meeting with Sonic in Sonic CD(1993) for the Mega CD/Sega CD. She was Sonic's "love interest" but in the end she was So ( Full Answer )
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Is there a super Amy?

Sadly super amy isnt an official character in the sonic series.She is just a fan made character
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Who is Amy Johonson?

Amy Johnson was a famous pilot.H er journey was from England to Australia she flew from southern England to Karachi in her first part and then Karachi to Australia but unluck ( Full Answer )
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Who is Amy Naw?

I'm not really sure. ,But you know? The poet Amy Nawrocki? May be that's her short last name, Naw for Nawrocki. I'm not sure. I think that's stupid question.
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Where is Amy in sparkletown?

she is near the chao she is behind the trees and you will need a shooting rifle to defeat her
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Who is Amy Sanders?

The are a couple well known women with the name Amy Sanders. One isan American basketball player. Another is an actress.
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Who is Amy Green?

She is a stunning English model, who started her career in April 2007 & already has her own web site up. She is actually going to be in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.
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What is amis in french?

amis mean friends. as 'amis' is masculine plural, it means either a group of male friends, or a group of mixed sex friends. a group of female friends would be 'amies'
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Who was Amy Jhonston?

Amy Johnson was an English aviatrix born in 1903. She achieved worldwide fame in 1930 when she became the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in her Gipsy Moth, ( Full Answer )
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What is an Amy launspach?

she is a person who likes max's and is extremely sexy. in other wordss, a hot babe she may be sexy but Louis is way sexier and in other words a fine hunk of meat. doesn' ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Ami?

The word ami is French for "friend" (e.g. mon ami , my friend). The female given name is often Amy, but also Ami, Amee, and Aimee.
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Who is Amy hunt?

A down right trouble maker! She is similar to meerkat and worm life due to her inquisistive and slimy nature. She loves printing off her diary entries to random printers to ex ( Full Answer )